Good Reads at Waco Libraries: December 2022



The art of prophecy

As The Chosen One, Jian has been pampered his entire life. When it becomes obvious that there is no chance he can overthrow the cruel Eternal Khan, he must face the fact that the prophecy is wrong. Now a band of heroes, a grandmaster of magical martial arts, an assassin, and a disillusioned warrior, must fight the ever-increasing threats to his world.

Why recommended: The first in a new Wuxia fantasy series, this book will delight fantasy lovers.

Recommended by: Sarah, Central Library


Kit McBride gets a wife

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Tired of cleaning up after her four older brothers, Junebug McBride decides drastic measures are necessary, so she secretly posts an ad for a mail-order bride. Maddy Mooney’s employer was traveling to Montana to respond to said ad, but when she changes her mind, Maddy must assume her identity and convince a shocked man that she is the wife she never knew she wanted.

Why recommended: This charming western romance is full of mischief and humor.

Recommended by: Sarah, Central Library


endless forever

“Endless Ever After” is the choose-your-own-adventure kind of book. You start off as a girl named Rosie who is given the task of bringing her sick grandmother a cake to cheer her up. Your first decision is to put on your most comfortable fur coat or your favorite red cape. From there, each turn leads to a different element of the story.

Why recommended: With suspense at every pick point and cameos from Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and more, if you don’t like how a story ends, you can start over and read one. do.

Recommended by: Jessica B., East Waco Library


the other side of the night

The intertwining narratives leave readers piecing together this twisted tale where the lives of a grieving father, a disgraced police officer, and the man she once loved intersect around a bizarre crime.

Why recommended: Don’t expect a traditional thriller in this book. Recommended for fans of Matt Haig and Anthony Horowitz, this unique book will make readers reflect on guilt, redemption, and forgiveness.

Recommended by: Sarah, Central Library


Peg and Rose solve a murder

This warm and cozy mystery spin-off centers on sweet Rose Donovan and her gruff sister-in-law Peg as they try to get along enough to solve the murder of a fellow bridge player.

Why recommended: In this mystery, two old enemies are forced to team up as they are both suspected of murder. Much of the focus is on the relationship between the sisters, but the mystery gets pretty exciting at the end.

Recommended by: Gillian, West Waco Library



Teen Baking Bootcamp

Boxed mixes will be a thing of the past for aspiring beginner bakers. From baking staples like cakes and cookies to something more challenging like Cozy Apple Strudel with Caramel Sauce, bakers can start simple or challenge themselves.

Why recommended: As a finalist in the Food Network’s “Kids Baking Challenge,” Matthew can easily remember the traps he fell into as a kid learning to bake. Now older and wiser, Matthew easily explains recipes and techniques and can point out common mistakes beginners make.

Recommended by: Jessica B., East Waco Library


Sarah Freeland

Skirts: the fashion of modern femininity in the 20th century

By Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell

A look at the changing roles of women throughout the 20th century through the lens of that iconic garment, the skirt.

Why recommended: Skirts can sometimes get a bad rap as a symbol of female oppression, but time and time again women have changed the world, while wearing a skirt.

Recommended by: Amy N., South Waco Library

Long Live Hollywood

Long Live Hollywood: The Legacy of Latino and Hispanic Artists in American Cinema

Turner Classic Movies’ latest addition to its library documenting the history of cinema showcases the rich contributions of Latinos and Hispanics both in front of and behind the camera.

Why recommended: From EGOT winner Rita Morena to William “Bill” Travilla, who designed some of Marilyn Monroe’s most iconic looks, Reyes provides fascinating facts about movie trivia that will interest even the most casual movie buff.

Recommended by: Sarah, Central Library


Missing Giants: The Lost World of the Ice Age

Moving between six continents, Stuart explores the lives and environments of woolly rhinos, ground sloths, and other large mammals that lived while humans were still living in the Stone Age.

Why recommended: This illustrated book delves into how they lived and why they died. It reveals to the reader the landscape of the Pleistocene and the megafauna. It also touches on the current extinction crisis.

Recommended by: Gillian, West Waco Library


The NextGen Guide to Collecting Cars

This is a detailed and comprehensive guide to the emerging collector cars from the 1970s to the present day. It is aimed at both the seasoned and new collector with tips on online shopping, valuable car attributes, and special cars.

Why recommended: For anyone who loves cars and wants to know how to start collecting new cars, this is the resource for you. It is also loaded with beautiful photos.

Recommended by: Gillian, West Waco Library

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