Fresh tuna cakes accompanied by a quick corn salad

Linda Gassenheimer Tribune News Service

Fresh tuna is used in these fish cakes instead of canned. A corn salad tossed with pickled onions completes this quick and tasty meal.

Fish cakes in general can fall apart, especially when flipped. Here are some tips to avoid this. Make sure your skillet is very hot, but over medium heat. Use a wide spatula when transferring the cakes to the pan. Once in the pan, do not move the cakes until a crust forms on the bottom of the cakes. Flip them using a wide spatula under the cakes and another spatula on top to help.

Although it is best to chop the tuna by hand, it can also be done in a food processor. Just be careful not to over-process the fish.

If you want, you can make this recipe with canned tuna. Substitute two 3.4-ounce cans of water-packed albacore (white) tuna for the fresh tuna.

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