Free Manufacturing Company of the Year

ginger bakers

Kendal-based confectioners Ginger Bakers currently produce and bake a range of products containing vegetables and fruit, which were developed as a way of tapping into interest in positive nutrition, including a range of free products.

The bakers’ goal was to create a specific range of products that would allow people to enjoy the food they create without having to compromise on quality or taste.

For example, their Brazil Nut & Sour Cherry Booster Bar is naturally free of gluten, dairy, or additives and preservatives. Each bar is packed with Brazil nuts and sour cherries, providing a natural, slow-release energy boost to support the body throughout the day.

The company has gone to great lengths to ensure that manufacturing processes are segregated with separate storage facilities for ingredients and allergens. He has also created a separate kitchen to ensure there is no chance of cross contamination.

Just Love Food Company

Just Love Food Company is a family-run celebration cake maker based in Blackwood, South Wales.

Makes both brand name and retail hand-decorated celebration cakes specializing in consumer lifestyle and allergy management.

This year, Just Love Food Company worked closely with a number of major UK retailers to develop their vegan/free bakery categories.

He has collaborated with key suppliers to bring innovation to product formulations that have not only improved the quality of the products, but also reduced the amount of allergens present and increased shelf life.

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