Forget Thanksgiving – here are wines to pair with this week’s other ‘holiday’

Yes, we could have offered our wine pairing suggestions for your Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings.

But all the world he does that.

Rather, with this series of themed columns featuring tips from the wine specialists at Pennsylvania’s Fine Wine & Good Spirits Stores, we thought we’d prepare you for another holiday: National Pie Day on Saturday.

Below are some popular cakes and the wines that would pair well with them. It’s the best food, coming out of the feast on Thursday and (perhaps) the fast on Friday.

Jessica Renée Roberts | Wine Specialist, Fine Wine & Spirits Store #1533, 700 Nutt Road | Phoenixville, Chester County

Cheesecake and White Port Cockburn Porto Branco Fine White Port (#97535, $12.99): Hailing from Portugal, this is a unique style of dessert wine that features a beautiful golden color. Serve in a traditional port glass to capture the sweet aromas of white flowers and almonds. This is replicated on the palate as the nut fills the mouth. Pair this with a traditional-style cheesecake or one that’s accented with salty nuts, fruit, or made in a crème brûlée style.

Jessica Renee Roberts

Jessica Reneé Roberts is a wine specialist at a Fine Wine & Good Spirits store in Phoenixville, Chester County.

Lemon and Prosecco Tart Tenuta di Collalbrigo Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene Brut (#79481, $13.99; listed at $26): This Italian flare from the Chairman’s Selection portfolio is perfect for any occasion or meal. You will be met with seductive aromas of sliced ​​apples, fresh pears, lemon and stone. This drier style of prosecco is full of bright yellow fruit on the palate and a clean mousse to finish. Pair this citrusy wine with an equally citrusy lemon cake. Top your cake with candied lemon peels and a little salt and you have a match made in heaven!

Red Velvet and Pinot Noir Cake Underwood Pinot Noir Oregon 2021 (#88139, $13.99): Oregon Pinot Noir should absolutely be on your radar if you’re looking for quality Pinot. Cherry is the key flavor in this bottle, offering a fresh, fruity essence throughout. This wine is light, bright and so satisfying. When you didn’t think it could get any better, Underwood Pinot Noir is also gluten free and vegan friendly! Pair it with a delicious multi-tiered red velvet cake and let the chocolate-cherry combination melt in your mouth.

Dark Chocolate and Bordeaux Cake Château Haut Peyruguet Bordeaux Red 2019 (#86266, $12.99): Blends from the Bordeaux region of France are perfectly crafted to be the best blend of noble grapes, so it’s no wonder so many seek them out. This wine is led by Merlot, with Cabernet Sauvignon as the protagonist. The flavors of raspberry, orange peel and a touch of mint merge in the glass and are supported by round tannins. Merlot and dark chocolate were made to be enjoyed together, which is why the perfect pairing for this bottle would be a sensual dark chocolate cake.

Gavin Luzier | Wine Specialist, Fine Wine & Spirits Store #1702, 5720 Shaffer Road | DuBois, Clearfield County

What is the perfect accompaniment for a piece of cake? A glass of milk, right? That’s probably true in most scenarios, though your options are endless. Especially if you consider accompanying your piece of cake with a good glass of wine! From dessert wines like port and sherry, to full-bodied reds like cabernet sauvignon and amarone, chances are there’s a wine that will take your cake to the next level. Instead of downing that trusty glass of milk, consider one of these wines.

Besides, can anyone really say no to cake and wine?

gavin luzier

Gavin Luzier is a wine specialist at the DuBois, Clearfield County store.

Apple Crumb Cake or Carrot Cake and dessert wine Terrassous Rivesaltes Vin Doux Naturel 18 Year Old, France (#45105, $39.99): Aged in oak barrels for 18 years, this wine bursts with aromas of toffee and dried fruit. Composed of 90% Garnacha Blanca and 10% Garnacha Gris, this full-bodied dessert wine explodes with flavors of candied fruit, caramel, spices and honey. Pair it with a slice of apple crumble cake or carrot cake with raisins.

Poppy Seed and Prosecco Tart The Prosecco Brand, Italy (#3636, $15.99, Save $2): Refreshingly crunchy, with aromas of lemon and lime. This bubbly is nicely balanced, with flavors of lemon, green apple, and peach. A nice hint of sweetness at the end. Pair it with a slice of poppy seed cake with an orange glaze for a mimosa-like effect.

Fruit cake (yes, fruit cake) and mulled wine Nurnberger Markt Gluhwein Red, Germany (#28562, $9.99): A holiday favourite. This mulled wine from the Bavarian city of Nuremberg offers aromas and flavors of cooking spices, berries and lemon zest. Versatile and affordable, this treat can be served hot or on the rocks. Try pairing this with your favorite festive fruitcake.

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