Foodies and Fine Eats: New England Desserts Take Center Stage | columns

Today there was a mess: what could be the most useful column? How to use up leftovers from yesterday’s Thanksgiving party or revisit Cookbooktober with another new cookbook released this fall? Tammy Donroe Inman’s “New England Desserts” won the sweepstakes. I bought my copy at Eight Cousins ​​in the center of Falmouth; it was the last copy, but they assured me that they would replace it, especially if I wrote about it here.

Inman describes herself this way: “Boston-area writer, mother, cook, gardener, obsessive blogger, pseudo-photographer, crypto lover, and homeless public school teacher. They have also called it in other ways. This is her blog post, called Food on the Food, which she has been writing (on and off) since 2006. Her bio states that “after making a living in the test kitchen for Cook’s Illustrated magazine, she spent nearly twenty years writing on food for publications such as Fine Cooking, Yankee Magazine, Boston Globe, Cape Cod Life, and Serious Eats.”

hot chocolate sauce


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