Food Network’s Top 3 New Bedford Places to Eat

If you own a restaurant, have the Food Network Highlighting your product is the modern reality of the American dream.

Fortunately for us “SouthCoasters”, restaurants abound on almost every corner with something different for everyone. According to Food Networkthree establishments, in particular, dwarf the competition as their official “best places to eat.”

New Bedford is home to three foodie restaurants. Food Network You have visited and passed and most likely have been at least once.

Novo Mundo Steakhouse [ 98 County St, New Bedford, MA]

Novo Mundo Steakhouse/Facebook

Novo Mundo Steakhouse/Facebook

As seen in Season 5, Episode 12 on Food Networkthe host of the hit primetime competition series Chopped up, Ted Allen, explore the delicious world of Churrascaria Novo Mundo’s barbecue chicken. A small Portuguese restaurant on County street with a lot of flavor.

Novo Mundo Steakhouse/Facebook

Novo Mundo Steakhouse/Facebook

“Ted Allen knows Portugal makes his tongue tingle, Churrascaria Novo Mundo has the ‘holy grail’ of spicy, crispy roast chicken. In ‘The Best Thing I Ever Ate,’ Ted raves about chicken, roasted over an open fire and then slathered in an irresistible mix of hot sauce and spices.” -Food Network

Restaurant My Place [291 Nash Rd, New Bedford, MA]

One of the tastiest desserts the South Coast has to offer comes from Portugal, as well as the Azores. It is similar to fried dough, but with a Portuguese twist. Of course, I am talking about Malassadas, and the Food Network I can’t get enough of that.

Portuguese sugar-dusted and leavened donuts of “unbelievable size” draw lines that stretch to the door at 6:30 am. in four hours. Be sure to get in line early and plan ahead as the restaurant only sells them on the weekends.” -Food Network

Sunrise Bakery and Cafe [514 Bolton St, New Bedford, MA]

In 2016, we reported a possible visit by the Food Network to a staple in the New Bedford/Dartmouth community: Sunrise Bakery & Coffee Shops. Locals know it’s one of the best places to pick up a hot, fresh linguica roll for breakfast or lunch, and TV foodies agreed.

Sunrise Bakery and Cafe/Facebook

Sunrise Bakery and Cafe/Facebook

“A Portuguese family of nine children make up the heart of this locally loved bakery and cafe. For nearly four decades, Sunrise has offered the best-selling linguica cheese rolls, selling 50 dozen daily and double that on weekends. Their pastels de nata , a classic Portuguese cake contained in paper-thin layers, are filled with a sweet, creamy, vanilla-infused custard similar to crème brûlée.” -Food Network

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