‘Fantastic’ first day as family-owned Cheshire bakery opens suburban Runcorn shop

Customers at the new Chatwins Bakery in Sandymoor, Runcorn.

A Cheshire family bakery has praised the “fantastic” response from the public after opening its latest store in Runcorn.

Chatwins welcomed customers to their local Sandymoor downtown store for the first time on Tuesday, November 22.

The branch follows other commercial companies to move into the premises in the Lane End Group development, along with the Co-op and North Star Veterinary Centre.

Chatwins was founded in 1913 by John Chatwin when he set out in a horse-drawn van to deliver fresh bread to the residents of Nantwich and surrounding towns.

The bakery serves items from pastries and coffee to sausage rolls and sandwiches, and now occupies two of the shops in the 9,600-square-foot center, which was completed by the Lane End Group in a joint venture with Williams Tarr Developments.

Edward Chatwin, managing director of Chatwins, was pleased with the opening day response.

He said: “It’s been a fantastic first day.

“It’s a pleasure to be open and a part of the community and it’s great to see everyone who has come out to support the store.

“We are a local business that have always been part of the local community in Nantwich and South Cheshire and our aim is to become an important part of the local community in and around Sandymoor.

“We delayed marketing in preparation for the opening as it was planned to be a smooth and easy launch on day one, but the response has been really nice to see.

“It’s nice to be welcomed to a new area and the positive response we’ve had today has exceeded all our expectations.”

Chatwins Bakery is next door to Co-op in the local Sandymoor center in Runcorn. (End of lane)

Scott Ashall, Lane End land manager, said: “It’s great to welcome the Chatwins to the Sandymoor Local Centre.

“Not only will they benefit the local community, but they will undoubtedly become one of the area’s most valuable assets.

“I am sure that the announcement of his arrival will generate genuine excitement in and around Sandymoor.”

A Lane End Group spokesman said residents were delighted with the bakery’s opening as around 3,000 residents have relied on traveling “out of town for essential services and items” since much of the suburb was built on the last three decades.

Tony Dean, who lives in Sandymoor, said: “I’ve lived in Sandymoor for about thirty years.

“Even back then they told us a community center was coming, but it never did, so to be honest, we gave up on it coming.

“The development looks beautiful, it is very modern but in keeping with the local area.

“I think it will allow local residents to make more use of the community room and become a true community center than we’ve ever had before.

“It saves me a fortune in fuel.

“Previously, you only had the option of going out of town to Windmill Hill, or further afield to Runcorn or Widnes.

“Now I just walk here with the dog, get my paper and finish the day, although I’d like to see one of the units become a nice bakery or cafe, that would make it even better.”

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