Enjoy your favorite pizza at these restaurants in Noida

Pizza is one of the few foods that can stand up to its popularity. Who doesn’t like a good piece of pizza? And we’re not talking about pizzas that are made in a hurry, in large quantities, in a factory setting. We’re talking about the real thing, pizzas with carefully crafted toppings, delicately kneaded dough, wood-fired ovens, and delicate crusts. If you want to try cheesy and spicy pizza, here are some restaurants you can head to in Noida:

Alma Bakery and Cafe

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Alma Bakery and Cafe is known for its incredible food, especially its breakfast and brunch menu, and its impressively laid-back atmosphere. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that they also serve some of the best pizza in the city. For a rewarding experience, we recommend you try the Fungi Pizza, the Home Made Hawahan Pizza, and the Frutti Di Mare Pizza.

Location- Sector 104, Noida
Price range- Rs 1200 for 2 people


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Known for its Mediterranean food and atmosphere, this restaurant gets top marks for its excellent food and upbeat atmosphere. They serve a variety of mouth-watering dishes, but their pepperoni pizza deserves special recognition due to its crispy, thin-crust base and delicious flavor.

Location-Sector 38A, Noida
Price range- Rs 2400 for 2 people

spezia bistro

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Many Noida people prefer this place because of its peculiar food presentation. The pizzas at this place are popular with the Roast Chicken, Red Pepper, Olives and Multi Cheese Pizzas being the top favorites among the people of Noida. Try their huge range of shakes and mocktails next time you visit, they go great with their pizza.

Location- GT 01/02 2nd Floor, Sector 104, Noida
Price range – Rs 900 for 2 people

chicago pizzeria

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Chicago Pizza is recognized for the variety of pizzas it offers. Try their Chicken Loaded Pizza, Italian Classic, Veggie Blast, Mushroom Pizza, and the ever-classic Chicken Hamrella if you love non-veg pizzas. They also have a great variety of vegetarian pizzas, which are equally cheesy and tasty.

Location: K03A, LGF, DLF Mall of India, Sector 18, Noida
Price range: Rs 800 for 2 people

toasted pizza

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This is the place to head to if you like your pizza customized to your needs. Their pizzas are known for having an impeccably crispy crust and dripping cheese. We love their BBQ Chicken Pizza, Classic Veggie Peri Peri Pizza, and Veggie Roma Pizza.

Location-B-1/21 First Floor Commercial Market, B Block Rd, B Block, Sector 50, Noida,
Price range: Rs. 700 for 2 people

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