Crosstown Introduces Four New Donut Flavors for Veganuary 2023

Veganuary 2023 is fast approaching and Crosstown Bakery has announced that it will be introducing three new limited-edition vegan donuts to celebrate, along with a new dough flavor.

New flavors include rhubarb and jasmine, strawberry cheesecake and blood orange, while the new dough bite comes in pistachio and raspberry flavor.

The new Veganuary editions of Crosstown

As with the vegan additions already available at Crosstown, the new donuts are made from vegan sourdough.

The Jasmine Rhubarb Donut is filled with a sticky jasmine rhubarb compote, glazed with floral jasmine and finished with a crunchy strawberry crumble.

The Strawberry Cheesecake donut is filled with a plant-based cheesecake filling, dipped in a strawberry glaze, and topped with vanilla crumble.

The blood orange donut consists of a tart blood orange glaze, swirled with dark chocolate and topped with a segment of candied orange.

In addition to the three new vegan donuts, the raspberry pistachio dough bite is a pudding filled with a pistachio cream dipped in a raspberry glaze. The bite of dough is covered with pistachio and raspberry pieces.

Crosstown Vegan Options

In addition to the new Veganuary selection, Crosstown already has a nice selection of vegan donuts on its menu, from a dark chocolate truffle donut to their Peanut Butter & Blackcurrant.

Currently on their menu is the Christmas Pudding Dough Bite, which is also completely vegan!

The vegan range continues with a Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze donut, Sri Lankan Cinnamon Sugar and Date & Miso Caramel. The brand even has a fully vegan store in Marylebone, London, with the full vegan menu available, as well as signature flavours.

Adam Wills, Co-Founder of Crosstown, explains: “With more than half of our offerings being vegan-friendly, it was a no-brainer that Veganuary 2023 would introduce not one, but four different flavors to the line. Each one has been made with high-quality ingredients from around the world.”

How to Buy Crosstown Donuts

The individual flavors will be available in stores in Crosstown London, Oxford and Cambridge from December 28 or can be bought in boxes:

Vegan donut six pack: two rhubarb jasmine + two strawberry cheesecake + two blood orange donuts (£26.95).

Vegan Donut Twelve Pack: Four Rhubarb Jasmine + Four Strawberry Cheesecake + Four Blood Orange Donuts (£44.95).

Vegan Dough 15-Bite Pack: Seven bites of Raspberry Pistachio Dough + eight bites of Dark Chocolate Truffle Dough (£35).

The boxes will be available in-store and for next-day delivery in England, Wales and the Scottish Lowlands from December 28. Orders can be placed from December 27 here.

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