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206the Coryell County News article 5, 8, 12, 19 Nov 1940

The Coryell Museum is pleased to have many issues of the Coryell County News, and some excerpts from them are included below.

“Gatesville’s second annual Turkey Day will be with the idea of ​​assembling quality breeder turkeys so prospective buyers can select the breeding stock they need.

Broad breasted turkeys, or baby beef turkeys, both toms and hens, also bronze, naragansite (traditional look), black spanish and bourbon red will be shown. Exhibit co-ops will likely be available for exhibition purposes to those who exhibit.

Turkey Harvesters: Everyone harvesting turkeys this year must have health certificates. See your family doctor and have your certificate ready to present with your Social Security number. Gatesville Poultry and Egg Company.

Meeks’ Café: Celebrate two Thanksgivings with us, November 21 and 28. Our dinner includes turkey, dressing, giblets sauce, cranberry sauce, assorted vegetables, drink and dessert).

Cozy Café – If you’re not sure about Thanksgiving dinner, try Cozy Café, Bill Ament, Manager. Our Thanksgiving dinner is a feast for the eyes and you’ll enjoy every bite. From the cocktail to the cake. (I had no idea you could eat out on Thanksgiving in Gatesville.)

Red and White Grocery Store Specials, Dressed Turkeys (order ahead), celery, cranberries, fruitcake toppings and just about anything for your Thanksgiving dinner. (Convenience has a price, but price was not listed) EG Beerwinkle, manager, phones 297 and 298. Cranberry sauce was 13 cents a can, pumpkin 10 cents.

Gatesville’s annual Christmas Parade for 1940 will be on December 6 at 11am and the Chamber of Commerce has hired one of the Gainesville Circus Units as a special feature of the parade.

About 10 years ago, the last year Christmas lights were purchased, and spliced, attached, removed, etc., until they became dangerous as a fire hazard and unsatisfactory as a lighting function. This will require a “collection” for the purchase of new lights. This collection will take place throughout the city, whether it is “in the square” or wherever, as it is a city-wide proposition. The collection will be under the direction of Dr. Otis Ray, Chairman of the Civic Improvement Committee.

Gas operators are preparing for extreme fuel service demands that cold weather requires. The main lines and all other equipment have been checked for winter roughness.

The movie “Boom Town,” starring Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy and Claudette Colbert, opened Saturday at 10:30 am, but forgot to say where.

DD McCoy announced Motorola radios, electrical and farm equipment for $9.95 and up.

Buckhorn Cafe advertised the best steaks in town, as well as pies, pastries, coffee, chili, and oysters.

Gatesville Coca-Cola Bottling Company had a beautiful quarter-page ad showing a handsome man in a suit, and a bottle of Coca-Cola was 5 cents.

Miss Zelma Scott of Ozona was a weekend guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Zim Scott (Zelma later wrote “Coryell County History”).

Mother Neff Park: Pat M. Neff of Waco and her sister, Miss Sallie Calvert of Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. RS Calvert, Austin, visited Mother Neff Park on Saturday.

Pat Neff’s mother donated the land for the park. We have an exhibit at the Coryell Museum and many items that belonged to Mrs. Neff, including a lovely hat. Pat Neff (1871-1952), her son, was born near the park and near the community of Eagle Springs in southeast Coryell County. He was the governor of Texas and later the president of Baylor University.

The Coryell Museum is open Wednesday through Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm Bring the family to see our wonderful museum. We schedule tours during and after hours. We also have the historic Gilbreath and Coryell Ballrooms for your family or business gatherings. Call us at 254-865-5007.

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