Coryell County great-grandmother recalls small-town childhood Christmas celebrations | Local news

CORYELL COUNTY — Lena Faubion Blanchard grew up in a simpler time and place, when the sticker price of a new Buick Roadmaster sedan was $1,800, bananas were 11 cents a pound, and the average family home sold for around $3,000 .

The 1930s and 1940s were also a time of hardship and sacrifice, as the country and the world endured the ravages of the Great Depression and World War II. As a girl born in 1935 in Evant, a small town 56 miles northwest of Killeen, and growing up in the central Texas communities of Purmela and Ireland, Blanchard remembers people having ration cards with coupons for everyday things like sugar, vegetable shortening, clothes, shoes and gasoline.

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