Cold storage has ready-to-eat holiday dishes like roast turkey

Cold Storage and CS Fresh Christmas Dishes 2022

Cooking a Christmas feast from scratch can be a gamble. Unless you’re Betty Crocker with real culinary skills, the chances of having a dry meal Yes the roast turkey and burnt potatoes are pretty high.

To play it safe and prevent a mountain of dirty dishes from piling up in the sink, let us introduce you to the Ready-to-Eat Christmas Dishes from Cold Storage these holidays size. All dishes require minimal preparation so you can spend that precious time on other things like looking Home aloneagain.

Whet your appetite with appetizers, salads and garnishes

If you think that the only food to fill your plate during Christmas is turkey, you are wrong. There are other festive treats to stuff your face with that will send you straight into a food coma if you’re not careful.


we are talking cheeky Coke Au Vin ($50), Hearty chorizo ​​and chicken paella ($40)Y Truffle Mashed Potatoes and Garlic Bits ($10). Since your body is probably crying out for some vegetables, do yourself a favor and get the vegan Merry Berry Spinach Salad with dried fruits and nuts ($16) also.


there is also the Impossible Meatball Marinara ($35) that’s plant based and healthy for all vegetarians.

Feast on entrees, seafood, and roast beef

If you can make it this far without feeling like you’re so full you might explode, consider us impressed. Take a short stroll through the living room to burn off some calories and relax with the stars of the show: entrées, seafood, and roast beef.


There’s the herbal tea Farm Pac Smoked Turkey ($75) that’s lean, medium, and packed with protein. Best paired with a glass of Chardonnay and some more starchy mashed potatoes if you have room in your belly.

Christmas partyEvery purchase of a dozen fresh oysters comes with a free shucking knife and cooler bag.

In the event that all this is not enough, there is still a whole Apricot stuffed ham ($45) and a selection of fresh oysters ($40/12 pieces) waiting for you

Satisfy your sweet tooth with desserts

Christmas only happens once a year, so help yourself to a serving of sugary treat, even if it might give you an afternoon slump.


The line of desserts includes the classic diy Merry Round Town Gingerbread Cake ($55) and the Winter Wonderland Mont Blanc Log Cake ($55). Both beauties are covered in frosting and, quite frankly, are a must-have to end your day on a sweet note.

Cold Storage Ready-to-Eat Christmas Meals

Everyone celebrates Christmas differently. Some eat McDonald’s like any other day while others opt for traditional dishes such as roast chicken and potatoes. If you are the last one and prefer to stay out of the kitchenthen Cold Storage has you covered.


Of now until December 20you can pre-order a Christmas quilt at cold storage website or shop in person at any Cold Storage, CS Fresh, or Jason’s Deli outlet. If you need to pick up a gift while you’re there, check out the gift aisle where you can find everything from advent calendars and classic panettone to Prosecco.

That is all. You have your Christmas meal completely ordered. Time to close your recipe browsers now.

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Photography by Mikayla Tessensohn.

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