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SUPERIOR EFFORT: Stableford four ball better ball winners, Lyn Gill and Annette Ford. Images: SENT

IN chilly weather last Wednesday, the women played a Stableford Best Ball four-ball competition at Blue Lake Golf Club.

After finishing all the main events for 2022, the day was a success and was sponsored by The RSL Bar and Bistro for first place, Swallow Drive Meats for second place and Metro Bakery and Cafe for third place.

The winning team of Annette Ford and Lyn Gill combined well to finish with 40 points, which included two four-pointers from Gill, helping them clinch first place in a countdown from the team of Dianne Allen and Shannon McDonnell.

Third place went to the team of Josie Ashby and Cherryl Hill with 39 points, followed by Lynette Hirth and Trudy Herbert in a countdown of Helen Myers and Jenny Johnson, both with 37 points.

The pro shot was won by Sue Agars and the second closest shot to the pin by Ronda Edwards in Division 1 and Jaynee Oberer in Division 2.

Rosemary Martland and Jenny Johnson both had ferrets.

Only a few ventured out on Saturday in the extreme wild weather forecast and it was a brave three who actually finished the even competition.

Women’s captain Geraldine Scott, outside 25, certainly not worried about the weather, was able to sign for 2-up, turning +2 on the outside nine and squaring up the inside nine.

13-year-old Rosemary Martland was not disgraced with two par nines from 2 tries, finishing 4 tries.

In third place, Fiona Punton also finished 4 down after a countdown.

Punton had a good first nine at 1-up, then struggled on the back nine at 5-down, but was rewarded with a ball for her closest position.

Meanwhile, last week the trophies for the women’s season were handed out.

Sorrentos Café Summer Trophy: Helen Myers.

Metro Bakery and Cafe Silver Salver: Helen Myers.

Collins Court Butcher Captain’s Trophy: Josie Ashby.

Marlene Lingham Memorial Stableford Trophy – Blue Lake Bar and Bistro: Dianne Perryman.

Grant and Dianne Perryman Shortstop Trophy: Dianne Allen, Lynette Hirth and Dianne Perryman (tied at 3).

Scotty’s Loader Mount Gambier President’s Trophy: Ronda Edwards.

Carlin and Gazzard Winter Trophy: Ronda Edwards.

Belgiorno’s Cafe Handicap Champions: Division 1 – Bev Pascoe; Division 2 – Kate Hommelhoff.

Top ranked: Ronda Edwards/Jaynee Oberer.

BLGC Club Champions: Division 1 – Edwards Round; Division 2 – Beryl Mahoney.

Top ranked: Ronda Edwards/Beryl Mahoney.

Medal of Medals – Pat Fallas Life Member: Sue Agars.

Shylie Rymill Quartets: Rosemary Martland/Jaynee Oberer.

Put – Life Member Rhonda Ferguson: Helen Myers.

Eclectic: Kate Hommelhoff.

Captain Helen Myers Encouragement Award: Gael Ford.

Nedal Monthly Winners: Josie Ashby x 2, Lynette Hirth, Lyn Gill, Sue Agars, Dianne Perryman, Helen Myers, Ronda Edwards.

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