Coffee Cake Donut at Voodoo Donut Universal Orlando CityWalk

coffee cake donut voodoo donut

Voodoo Donut at Universal Orlando always continues to create new donuts for guests to try. The Coffee Cake Donut is the latest addition of a seasonal donut here.

coffee cake donut voodoo donut

The Coffee Cake Donut doubles as the national chain’s monthly January donut. At this time, we don’t know how long this special donut will be available in Orlando. With the Mardi Gras season kicking off on February 4 at Universal Orlando, logic dictates that a new donut will then appear. However, Voodoo Donut Orlando doesn’t immediately remove the old specialty donuts when a new seasonal one appears on the menu.

coffee cake donut

This donut starts out as one of the plain cake donuts at Voodoo Donut. The donut is then given some maple glaze, plain cake crumbs, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. This donut costs $3.15.

coffee cake donut voodoo
Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

Based on the Voodoo Donut’s inconsistency with ingredients and the nature of a simple cake donut, fears that the donut would be too dry loomed over trying this. Before trying it, he expected the flavors to be good, but would it lack moisture to create a balance?

Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

The day I ordered this donut, it looked decent but nothing special. The cake crumbs worked just like the name of it – they crumbled off my donut too quickly. My feeble attempts at taking decent photos suffered.

As expected, the maple glaze shined through on this donut. Voodoo Donut consistently offers a tremendous maple flavored glaze on their donuts, as do other maple donuts, including the vegan one.

The cinnamon flavor with my donut worked well for this cinnamon lover. I tried a lot. This is in contrast to several guest reports I received prior to doing this review.

This cake donut brought a bit of crunch to the edge. However, the interior of this cake donut prevents potential dryness issues. Even as someone who prefers yeast raised donuts, I found the insides to be very well prepared. The only real downside to this donut is losing the crumbling ingredients too quickly.

coffee cake donut voodoo

This donut is a great seasonal addition to the Voodoo Donut lineup at the Universal Orlando CityWalk location. This won’t become many people’s favorite donut here, but it makes a solid change of pace for donut lovers. In terms of coffee cake breakfast options at Orlando area theme parks, these don’t match the quality of the morning coffee cake cookie at Gideons; Bakery. Still, the Coffee Cake Donut is about half that.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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