Christmas party soured by $98 durian cake that looks and tastes flat, nothing like an ad

When you spend almost a hundred dollars on a cake, you probably want to be surprised. Or at least meet your expectations.

That was far from the case for Stomper. christinawho paid $98 for The Durian Bakery’s Signature Mao Shan Wang Mille Crepe Cake.

On the bakery’s website, the 15cm cake is described as having “20 layers of fine, handmade crepe skin that is generously filled with our signature MSW SilkyGold™ durian puree within each layer.”

It has also been “rated the number 1 durian cake in Singapore by many foodies and food critics,” according to The Durian Bakery.

A disclaimer on the product page states that cake sizes may vary due to being handmade.

Christine told Stomp: “We were looking for a great durian cake for our Christmas party and saw that many food bloggers had recommended The Durian Bakery as their Top 1, especially their famous award-winning Mao Shan Wang Mille crepe cake. .mention that they have a 4.5 star rating on Google Reviews.

“In the end, we ordered that cake and another durian cake from them. Everything went well until we opened the cake upon receiving it on December 24.

“The cake was not even 15 cm. It was also nothing like what is on their official website and those food blogger photos. It tasted old and nothing close to Mao Shan Wang as well. You can see from the photos that the durian looks greyish.

“In the end, we had to go downstairs to get another cake from a different bakery.”

Christine shared a photo of herself measuring the cake, which was less than 15cm.

She also noticed that the cake looked flat and very different from what she had seen on other blogs, like this one. October 2021 review:

Christina’s cake:

Christine said she immediately contacted The Durian Bakery to “show how disappointed we are.”

He shared screenshots of their conversation, adding: “Their customer service is terrible. They dragged the issue to December 27 and we wait patiently.”

“In the end they said they wouldn’t give a refund and kept repeating that they are constantly improving blah blah blah. They even said they thought we had eaten all the cake when in reality, there were still a few slices in the fridge because no one wanted to eat it.” .

In a screenshot, the bakery is seen saying, “We’re sorry to hear that our crepe cake didn’t meet your expectations.”

He also acknowledged that the height of the cake was not up to his “normal standard” due to a “production issue”.

However, The Durian Bakery refused to provide a refund and offered a replacement cake instead.

Stomp has contacted the bakery for more information.

See more images of the cake in the gallery.

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