Cheetos Challenger PeaTos Claims World’s First Verified Non-GMO Junk Free Status

The pea-based treats (Crunchy Onion Rings, Crunchy No-Cheese Curls, Crunchy Fiery Curls, and the new Crunchy Pizza Rings) have undergone extensive independent testing and verification to become Project NON-GMO certified.

All four will now carry the coveted seal, which is recognized by consumers for providing assurances that best practices have been followed to avoid the listing of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Non-GMO Project Verified

Since its introduction in 2019, PeaTos has experienced explosive growth and has received widespread acclaim thanks to the disruptive approach of its enigmatic founderin the challenge of so-called junk snacks like Cheetos and Funyuns.

“PeaTos continues to revolutionize the snack category by offering the same great-tasting classic snacks Americans grew up on, but with plant-based nutrition and none of the junk.”said PeaTos founder Nick Desai.

“Moms love PeaTos because they mimic old school snacks like Cheetos and Fun-yuns, but without all the scary ingredients. Now PeaTos is the world’s first non-GMO verified junk snack.”

PeaTos Product

david and goliath

PeaTos Founder, CEO Nick Desai (1)

nick desai

According to Desai, the snack category has been monopolized by one player for decades, substantially restricting consumer choice. In fact, the Los Angeles-based producer even claims that “Consumer choice at the retail level is an illusion.”

He established PeaTos in 2019 to challenge the dominance of the PepsiCo subsidiary, attracting the attention and backing of investors including Post Holdings; Carlos Barroso, former Head of Global Research and Development at PepsiCo; Carl Lee, former CEO of Snyder Lance; and Apu Mody, former president of Mars Food.

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