Check Out Top 10 Street Foods In Odisha

Street food is loved across the country and just like in other states, Odisha street food also includes a wide range of much-loved items like Dahi Bara, Aloo Dum, Chaat, Gupchup etc. The locals love their street food, which is understandable. given its reasonable price and easy availability. The old capital city of Cuttack and the modern one, Bhubaneswar, are home to some of the best street food.

1. Dahi Bara Aloo Dum

If you are visiting Odisha and have not eaten Dahi Bara Aloo Dum then you have not done well. This popular street food is prepared in the morning and sold throughout the day by vendors who stop elsewhere in the city. It is usually a breakfast option, but you can have it at any time of the day. Here, dahi bara or vada is served alongside aloo curry or aloo dum and ghugni, or sauce of boiled dried yellow peas. It is garnished with onion, coriander, cumin powder, chili powder and chat masala and served on sheets or steel plates.

two. Bara Ghugni

While in Cuttack, Bhubaneswar or any other town in Odia, you will find roadside food stalls where vendors fry aloo chop, singada and baras morning and evening. The bars are served with a yellow pea curry called Ghugni, making it a complete breakfast. To make the bars, urad dal paste is used and shaped into vadas, or round bars. Ghugni, on the other hand, is made from dried yellow peas and makes a great topping. This dish is a huge favorite with locals and visitors alike, who congregate around vendors in every corner of the city.

3. chat

There are numerous chaat stalls in the towns of Cuttack and Bhubaneshwar in Odisha that prepare chaat with mashed potato, ghugni sauce, yogurt, coriander and tamarind sauce. All of these delicious elements are combined and served together, resulting in an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Odisha chaat is very different from those sold across the country and should not be missed when visiting the state.

Four. chakuli pitha

The Odisha region is famous for its Chakuli pitha. It is a fermented rice cake that is prepared and eaten during festivities. Black gram, rice flour, and refined edible oil are used to make the dough. The dough is covered and left to ferment for a few hours before being poured into a pan to make round Chakuli pithas. They can be eaten on their own or accompanied by garnishes such as ghugni, sambhar, sugar, jaggery, tea, milk, and mutton.

5. Chennapoda

Chenna poda is Odisha’s signature sweet dish and is loved by the locals here. It may look like a cake, but it doesn’t taste anything like one. Chenna poda is native to eastern Odisha but is eaten throughout the region. It is made with cottage cheese, sugar and clarified butter (ghee). It has a different flavor and texture than the usual desserts eaten here. Chenna poda is easily available in most of the sweet shops in Odisha so make sure to try it when you visit there.

6. Mudi Mangsho

You will have to go to Baripada to relish Mudhi Mansa. This delicacy from the northern part of Odisha, in Mayurbhanj, is well known throughout the region. This dish has a significant position in the history of the region. People care about their “Mudhi Mansa” and are proud of it. Puffed rice or mudhi is served with mutton sauce, onions, green chillies and fresh coriander. It is speculated that “Mudhi Mansa” was initially given to Baripada by the Mughals and later by the kings of Mayurbhanj.

7. khaja

Khaja is an ancient Odia dessert that is part of the “Sukhila Prasad” offered at the Puri Jagannath Temple. In Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, fried dough is made from thicker, and consequently harder, sheets of puff pastry. Wheat flour, mawa and oil are used to make the dough. After being fried to a crisp, the batter absorbs a sugar syrup known as Paga. A sweet syrup is poured over the fried dough, which is then served in a dry form. Taste the best khaja ​​in Odisha in the coastal city of Puri, where various types are sold at reasonable prices.

8. rasabali

This delicious dish is popular in Odisha and is available in almost all sweet shops. It is made with cottage cheese or chenna and looks a bit like a flat gulab jamun. It is fried and then dipped in a thick, sweetened milk.

9. arisa pitha

Arisa Pitha is another sweet dish from Odisha, made from rice flour, sugar, and cinnamon. Arisa’s pithas are velvety on the inside and covered with sesame seeds on the outside, making them crunchy. Arisa pithas are specially made on the occasion of Manabasa Lakshmi Puja in the month of Margashir. This traditional pancake is also served as a snack or dessert. You can easily find Arisa pithas at any sweet shop in Odisha.

10 pruning pitha

It is one of the oldest sweets in Odisha, dating back to the year 2 CE and is especially served during Raja. It is a pancake made with coconut, lentils and rice flour. It’s not just the unusual method of cooking it that makes it nutritious, but also the fact that it tastes so good after a few days. Because it was traditionally served to Lord Jagannath, who is said to eat it after returning from his aunt’s house, Podo Pitha gained popularity.

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