Brooklinen Black Friday Sale 2022: Best Deals on Linens, Towels & Home

Brooklinen’s Black Friday sale, also known as “the best time to buy your bedding and bath items, all year long,” is now officially underway. The sitewide sale offers 25% off almost everything from the brand’s best-selling bedding to bedding accessories, making this the perfect opportunity to stock that linen closet for you and future guests arriving for the holidays, or to buy gifts before December.

Brooklinen remains one of our most recognizable brands and has starred in several of our bedding and bedding test guides. That’s because the brand has really set itself apart from its competitors in the highly saturated DTC housewares space with its stellar quality and affordable price point. Sure, we wouldn’t exactly call Brooklinen anything very cheap, but the brand offers some of the best mid-range beds around. (And through our rigorous testing, we can confirm that almost all of it really is worth the money.)

Do you want to go back to basics? Their sheet sets include everything from sateen, calico, and linen to some cozier seasonal offerings like heather cashmere and flannel. Jonesing for a quilted duvet? You’d better believe that Brooklinen has you covered there, too, offering all kinds of fillers, like feathers and down-alternative fabrics. Because “bed linen” encapsulates more than just what covers your bed, Brooklinen’s luxurious bath towels are just as amazing to wrap yourself up in.

But Brooklinen’s Black Friday won’t last forever, so take advantage of these temporary discounts to dive into some of the brand’s specialties. To that end, here is a brief ready of things we think you should add to cart ASAP.

Best Brooklinen Sheet Sets on Sale

Brooklinen dabbles in all kinds of sheets. A practically Seussian assortment: red sheets, blue sheets, flannel sheets, luxury sheets. The Luxe Sheet is a silky cotton sateen that feels like you’ve swooned in a dressy (but, like, intentionally) dress shirt. The classic sheet is a crowd-pleasing percale, which is a cooler cotton that feels like something you’d find in a five-star hotel. And the linen sheet is…well, linen, which may feel rougher to the touch than the other, but is still incredibly airy, making it ideal for hot sleepers. For these frigid times, Brooklinen also has comfortable flannel and jersey options that will make you feel completely wrapped in your bed. “Sorry boss, I’m going to be late today… I just bought some flannel sheets. You understand.”

Image may contain: furniture and mattress

Brooklinen luxe hardcore sheet set

Image may contain: furniture and towel

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

Image may contain: furniture and mattress

Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set

Image may contain: bath towel, towel and rug

Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set

Brooklinen Flannel Sheet Set

Brooklinen Heather Cashmere Core Sheet Set

The best Brooklinen duvets on sale

Brooklinen quilts are also very solid; we especially like the one made with the brand’s down-alternative microfiber fill. But the best of the bunch is their weighted duvet. He swaps out the fluffy down for tiny glass beads, which lull him to a deep and, ahem, heavy sleep (learn more about heavy blankets and duvets here).

Image may contain: cushion, pillow, furniture, mattress, bed, diaper and blanket

Brooklinen Down Alternative Comforter for All Seasons

Brooklinen Lightweight Down Duvet

The best Brooklinen pillows on sale

Rest your weary head with any of Brooklinen’s comfortable pillows, from foam options to your G.Q.-approved down option, and then tuck it into a luxurious silk pillowcase that’s available in multiple prints and color combinations.

Brooklinen Down Plush Pillow

Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow

Brooklinen Marlow Foam Cushion

Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

The best Brooklinen blankets and robes on sale

Brooklinen blankets and robes are a one-way ticket to Cozy Town. The brand offers two types of blankets, including a blanket made from the finest quality, soft virgin lambswool that is ideal for decorating when not being used for TV marathons. Then there’s our favorite weighted toss, a twelve-pound cuddle specialist that will help you snuggle up every night. The super plush Brooklinen and waffle robe are the icing on this cozy cake, allowing you to enjoy the spa experience while wearing it on your own body.

Brooklinen pure wool blanket

Image may contain: blanket and rug

Brooklinen Weighted Blanket

Image may contain: clothing, clothing, gown and fashion

Brooklinen Terry Bathrobe

Image may contain: clothing, clothing, gown, fashion, human and person

The Best Brooklinen Towels on Sale

Brooklinen’s towels offer a superlative balance of absorbency and softness, so much so that we’ve crowned them our favorite super plush towels for the past two years in a row. They dry quickly, have a good weight, and hold up well after multiple spin cycles in the wash. Get yourself a pair or go for a moving pack that includes four bath towels, four hand towels, four washcloths, and a bath rug.

Image may contain: rug, bath towel and towel

Brooklinen terry towel (set of 2)

Image may contain: towel and bath towel

Brooklinen Super Plush Towel Moving Package

Brooklinen’s Best Packages for Less

Speaking of packs, Brooklinen’s pack sets are the perfect starter pack for a well-stocked home. Get a classic sheet set, their popular linen sheets, or a deluxe move-in set that includes sheets and a comforter, and let Brooklinen enhance your home in one fell swoop.

Image may contain: towel, paper, paper towel and tissue

Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Pack

Image may contain: towel and bath towel

Brooklinen hardcore linen sheet package

Image may contain: cushion, pillow, wedding cake, food, cake, dessert and towel

Brooklinen Luxury Move-In Package

Brooklinen flannel hardcore pack

For such a wonderfully cozy bed, you might actually be tempted to sleep in.

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