Best Christmas Cakes And Desserts In Bangalore As Selected By The City’s Best Foodies Indiranagar Frazer Town Cox Town

Looking for plum cake in Bangalore? Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, what better way to get into the holiday spirit than to gorge yourself on delicious melt-in-your-mouth plum cakes? Whether you like pastries drenched in rum, spiced up with spices, or steeped in nostalgia, there is something for you in Bangalore. The best foodies in town share some recommendations, straight from the heart, to get you started on your holiday dessert journey.

Best Christmas Cakes and Desserts in Bangalore

I Colombo, Indiranagar

“This place is new in town (Double Path, Indiranagar; 088678 25223) but I can confirm that their Sri Lankan Christmas cake is absolutely delicious. It is packed with precious fruits, orange peel, preserved ginger and has the aroma of tropical spices. There’s no tutti frutti or artificial caramel color, which so many plum cakes are filled with these days. It keeps well for months, so you can enjoy a taste of Christmas long after the festivities.” Priya Bala, writer and food critic

by michelle gafoor

For a homey touch, try plum cakes made with love by Michelle Gafoor (Email or call 098450 92630). “Michelle starts dipping the fruit for the cake in July, so the cake is rich and has a beautiful dark color. The quality ingredients and care of the home baker fill you with home-cooked delights.” Michelle has been baking for a decade and a half, and her Christmas cakes are always the talk of the town. Priya Bala, writer and food critic

from thom, Frazer City

Established in 1970 and still going strong, “Thom’s (Wheelers Road, City of Frazer; Website) is a quintessential Bangalore staple. I remember it was one of the first bakeries I went to. Everyone around me gets their plum pie from there! As a post on his Instagram account suggests, Thom’s Plum Cake is like hope; You need to have a lot, especially during the holiday season. Shalini Raman, Co-Founder/Studio Director, UPPU

Charm’s Homemade Goodness

Home baker Charmaine Saldanha (Facebook) taps into a third-generation family recipe for this “boozy rich pie that lasts for months.” To keep up with the high demand for her baked goods, Charmaine begins baking and taking orders for Christmas cakes beginning in June. Anahita Girish, cat’s eye kitchen

Thomson, Cox City

This humble bakery (Call 080254 86919) it is a favorite among the locals for its good quality and tasty plum pie. Perhaps the most unique element of Thomsons is its rustic wood ovens, which take its baked goods to another level entirely. Anahita Girish, cat’s eye kitchen

Christmas Panettone

Cris Canton

slacker and company

“The Panettone, a classic Christmas gizzard from Italy, here reminds me of Christmas mornings and at home when we make Panettone French toast with lots of cinnamon-infused butter.” Moccasin and company (instagram) uses traditional techniques to prepare its diverse range of freshly baked artisan bread, just in time for the Christmas season. Patricia Cosma, Co-Founder, Indian Festival of Cacao and Artisanal Chocolate

House of Shapur

Did we hear you say molten chocolate goodness? Look no further than House of Sapor (instagram), whose “moelleux au chocolat with poached wine pears is simply perfect for those chocolate cravings. It’s super rich and decadent!” Patricia Cosma, Co-Founder, Indian Festival of Cacao and Artisanal Chocolate

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