Ben’s Yard – The dynamic new retail village in Ely, Cambridge

Ben’s Yard is the dynamic new retail village located in Ely (near Cambridge) opening in Spring 2023. The new favorite destination is located halfway between London and Norfolk, making it the perfect stopover for Londoners heading out of the city. With universal access, it will defend local business Y big british brands

Guests will be able to take full advantage of Ben’s Yard’s head-to-toe spa services to rest and rejuvenate, an artisan food hall, beautifully designed housewares, an upscale florist, hair salon, an iconic themed play area from Ely Cathedral and an area of ​​several acres. event space with marked trails through woodland, marsh, and wildflower meadows, all beautifully landscaped in the beautiful 2,500 acres Stuntney Estate.

The Estate is an ancient island in the floodplains of the Fens, where visitors may encounter buzzards, lapwings and even roe deer. There are five kilometers of marked trails to explore and its two kilometer hardcore loop has been designed with wheelchairs, bikes and buggies in mind, to ensure no one misses out on the fun. Made by reusing concrete for the walkways and solar panels, Ben’s Yard focuses on stay sustainable Y taking care of its impressive landscape.

More than retail, the Ben’s Yard Cafe offers relaxed yet sophisticated dining throughout the day with an eclectic menu serving modern British And International Classics, with contemporary botanical interiors and dishes created with seasonal and locally produced food. The café-restaurant is open seven days a week, welcoming all ages, offering something for everyone, whether in heels or wellington boots, pulling up a stool or lounging on a sofa by the fireplace. Its outdoor terrace is equipped with heaters and umbrellas, so come rain or shine, the outdoor space is a comfortable oasis.

For those looking to grab and go, Ben’s Garden Pantry will be the last one-stop shop, selling takeaway and food gift items as well as fancy, seasonal and novelty food favorites. The menu includes fresh salads, pizzas, sandwiches, sausage rolls, sweets, jams, condiments and fresh slices of cake to take home.

Founders Alastair and Victoria Morbey share four young children, so it’s been important to them to ensure that everything they implement for the business is a inclusive but special atmosphere to enjoy with the family. A couple who love working together, Stuntney Estate is her third parent and fifth child. Making the business current and relevant in the 21st century, yet still embodying the generosity of community spirit and a sense of place, has been at the heart of their decision to create this rural retail town. Alastair manages the property, the farm and strives to conserve the landscape, rehabilitating an area of ​​the farm for wildlife and the community to enjoy. It is this combination of the wider Stuntney Estate setting that gives Ben’s Yard its edge and charm.

The quality and unique adventure of Ben’s Yard will make it a regional destination And with the addition of regular brand partnerships, events and outdoor theater productions throughout the year, it will attract people with a wide range of different interests and experiences from far and wide. Ben’s Yard seamlessly blends your shopping experience with nature, as visitors can make the most of the stunning Stuntney Estate while indulging in some serious retail therapy.

Foodies, friends, families, shopaholics and nature lovers are welcome at Ben’s Yard, the new leading retail town and pillar of the local community.

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