Bakery business holds baking competition to name a new CEO


The London bakery is hosting a baking contest to name the new CEO based on their baking skills and ‘passion for food’.

Greg Wixted, 49, a London baker and businessman, said he is excited but “slightly scared” by his decision to give away his new business, Cakery Wonderland, to the winner of a baking competition.

Wixted told the PA news agency: “There is an unknown outcome and there is no risk mitigation for that outcome.

“I’m excited about it and also a little scared.

“But I know the makeup of the kind of person it takes to run a company like this, so in that sense it would be pretty easy for us to assess people.

“I am looking for someone who is passionate, determined, honest, diligent, committed to a social cause, and has a passion for food.”

Around 340 people applied for the top position, of which five have been selected for an interview ahead of next month’s baking contest.

Wixted said he plans to pick a winner based on their “enthusiasm, willingness and passion” for learning.

“They just have to show us that they have the ability and the skill to bake,” he said.

“I’m not really interested in their CV right now, I want to know how it’s going to change their lives and what it means for them.

“That tells me a little bit about their personality and the social purpose they want to fulfill.”

One of the most challenging things we have in today’s society is that too many people go without food in our city.

Mr. Wixted, who is also a trained pilot, scuba instructor and published author, said he had trouble learning when he was younger, which encouraged him to become a mentor to young entrepreneurs.

“I suffered a lot from dyslexia which, back then, was unheard of,” Wixted said.

“I struggled and there was no business advisors or start-up ecosystem like we have today.

“I spent a lot of time figuring out things myself, like how to start a business and how to file a trademark.

“I read business law books, which was a struggle, but at the same time I learned a lot and because of that I became a mentor.”

Wixted’s other brand, Britain Loves Baking, which sells baking boxes, donates 5% of its revenue to food charities to feed those in need, something Wixted hopes its replacement will continue.

Another 10% is donated from the income from all of Mr. Wixted’s businesses to be used as grants for young people who need support to enter the food industry.

Mr. Wixted said: “One of the most challenging things we have in today’s society is too many people going without food in our city.

“Hopefully they get excited about helping other people too.”

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