Baker triumphs with Grandma’s secret cake recipe, they call him a sellout for not sharing it with other bakers in the family

This story is a bit unique.

It’s not every day you find a story that asks the internet for its opinion on who’s the jerk in a given situation, and then people actually get an update on how it all happened and how it was resolved.

In other words, rarely does a story of this caliber have an ending. Any ending.

One Reddit user took to the r/AITA community for insight on being called a sellout, and it was all pretty standard from there. But a year has passed and the same person has come out with an update.

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One would expect people to fight over a secret recipe. You probably wouldn’t expect there to be an update on such a conflict after a year.

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So, over a year ago, Reddit user u/grandmascakes reached out to ar/AITA to find out if she really deserves what her family has led her to believe.

The story goes that OP had an amazing grandmother, who loved to bake, so much, in fact, that she wanted to open a bakery. It was a dream of hers. Unfortunately, his grandmother fell ill. And he decided that she would share her secret cake recipe with anyone who wanted to learn it.

So it all started when Grandma was not feeling well and she decided that she should pass on her special cake recipe that had been rocking hearts left and right.

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No one other than OP stepped up. She’s not sure why, though: the family has several bakers, so you’d expect people to be more than thrilled to learn a recipe that’s been the talk of the town for decades. After Grandma passed away, OP took over baking and bringing the legendary cake to family gatherings.

But OP wanted to go further. He began by baking the cake for family and friends, and the fame of him spread far and wide by word of mouth. He soon had to expand, so he asked to use a friend’s kitchen, a professional one, that he used for his catering business. This, in turn, helped the friend’s takeout business.

While the offer was open to all, only one person approached and now she is the only one carrying the torch for the holy cake.

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Business was booming, but trouble was brewing. OP’s cousin, Jane, heard about this new hit with Grandma’s cake recipe and started calling OP. She said that she had no right to “sell” the recipe, and even more so because she kept it all to herself.

The conflict arose because low key OP didn’t want anyone to mess up what is somewhat successful. He didn’t see his sister as a good pastry chef because she wasn’t precise and Wung all your culinary creations.

It wasn’t long before the family noticed that the torchbearer had started making cakes for money, so they in turn began to criticize her for selling it.

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Also, there seemed to be ulterior motives behind Jane’s actions, as the reviews for her cakes left a lot to be desired, and she too was out of a job. Therefore, she demands that she stop selling it or teach her her recipe.

This is where the typical AITA story would end. But even back then, when people were shouting NTA left and right, a year passed and the story was updated.

The story ended there, like most stories of that caliber, but it ended up being updated a year later, making people online feel good.

Baker triumphs with Grandma's secret cake recipe, they call him a sellout for not sharing it with other bakers in the family

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Needless to say, a lot of positive vibes came out: OP opened his own bakery, business is booming, he got his sister on board, and Grandma’s cake is as popular as ever. Oh, and everyone forgot their fights over the recipe. She even forgot that they wanted the recipe to start with.

He also provided other contextual information while he was at it. Things like how lucky it is to be the only proper takeout place in a central location and how their business caters for everything from sweets to soups to proper meals and is also available for takeout.

In the end, the two reconciled and formed a confectionery/soup duo that also offers other dishes.

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Needless to say, business is booming, and everyone has managed to forget about last year’s conflicts, or that they wanted the recipe.

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Most importantly, the two apologized and reconciled their relationship.

Across the two posts, OP received over 14,000 upvotes (98% upvotes on average) with various awards from Reddit including gold, silver, seals of approval, and all that jazz. If you want to see all of this in context, click here for the beginning and here for the end.

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But wait, that’s not the real ending. The actual ending is that you share your thoughts in the comment section below. And while you’re at it, give us a vote because we need it on a Monday.

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