Autumn Graduation Spotlight: Xiaorui Sun

Xiaorui Sun is graduating from Patton College of Education with her Ph.D. in educational technology. She has accepted a position as a learning technologist at the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

What are your next steps or plans for the future?
I recently joined the Sheridan Center on the Brown University Digital Learning and Design team. I hope to contribute to my field with research and best practices.

What memory stands out from your time in OHIO?
I enjoyed my time at Ohio University. The reception of global culture, diversity (students from various countries), student care, support from different departments and sectors such as the Women’s Center mentoring program. In addition, the vibrant cultural events on campus, such as the International Dinner, made my memories of OHIO pleasant.

Why did you choose OHIO?
Initially, the research of Dr. Greg Kessler and his work in different countries was of great interest to me. I knew that this was what he wanted to do, follow his research and continue to support teacher education around the world with technology integration research and best practices.

Who were your favorite teachers and how did they influence your life?
The teachers and staff at OU have been very helpful in my growth in many ways. It took a village to raise a PhD. I give credit to everyone who has supported me and made an impact on me as a professional and as a person.

What was the hardest hill you had to climb (not counting Jeff Hill) in OHIO? And how did you overcome the challenges or obstacles in your way?
The thesis writing process was challenging. In addition to my committee, the support of my family, friends, and the former Graduate Writing Center were very helpful. I thank everyone who contributed to my success.

What are your favorite OHIO memories?
There are many good memories: having coffee with my friends weekly at the local bakery, meeting new colleagues, running and biking on the bike path, singing in the choir, visiting the public library, etc.

What is the one thing you would tell a new OHIO student not to miss?
Try to get involved in all campus activities that interest you, especially those involving different cultures/countries. It will broaden your horizons and help you develop a better understanding of humanity, who you are, and who you want to be.

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