Are you planning a party? Check out these exclusive (and quirky) finds from Costco.

STATEN ISLAND, NY — Most guests skip the sausage cocktails and skip the antipasto buffet. So if you want to “win” Christmas this year, you need to think of something different for your Christmas distribution. How about some slices of Wagyu beef or a tray of authentic New York cannolis? Costco stops at nothing this holiday season to make hosting memorable and dramatic. If your budget allows, here’s a look at what the warehouse retailer has to offer to really wow your Christmas crowd:

Acorn-fed Iberian ham leg with support and knife, $549.99

I’m not sure if anyone really needs a $550 15-pound leg of ham to serve at a holiday party, but it’s certainly something guests will be talking about for years to come. Costco’s acorn-fed Iberico ham is produced in the Valle de los Pedroches, located north of Córdoba, in southern Spain. According to the Costco website, the vegetarian diet of the Iberian pigs -acorn and pasture grass- and their condition of being raised in the wild are the factors that sustain the unmistakable quality of this product. If $550 is too high, try the 9.5-pound D’Artagnan Boneless Spanish Serrano Ham aged 18 months. Also over the top but currently on sale for $169.

Ferrara’s Bakery of Little Italy Cannoli Tray, $109

If you have out-of-state relatives who are craving a little slice of New York City, this cannoli tray might be the answer. Made at the famous Ferrara’s Bakery in Little Italy, the dish contains 12 plain filled cannolis and 12 hand-dipped Belgian chocolate cannolis. The Sicilian dough is filled with sweet ricotta cream sprinkled with chocolate chips, freshly prepared daily by this small family business known for its superb Italian specialities. The cannoli is made fresh, then frozen and shipped on dry ice.

Japanese Wagyu Center Cut New York Strip Steaks, $379

Imported from Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan, these four 12-ounce steaks ship raw and frozen via UPS the next day. The shipping price is included. An authentic cut of Wagyu beef, the center-cut steak is “artfully marbled, with a delicate yet explosive flavor,” according to Costco’s website.

Holiday Home Greens Collection, $139.99

If you want to fill your home with a fresh, Christmassy scent, this collection of greens will do the trick. Featuring a 24-inch fresh wreath, two rustic bronze lanterns with LED candles, and a 20-foot garland, this set is created with a base of fresh noble fir, cedar, and pine leaves, then accented with natural cones and faux berries. .

Plaza Osetra Caviar from Bulgarian farmed sturgeon $199

This premium caviar comes in a pack of three, two-ounce, vacuum-sealed jars that have a 60-day refrigerated shelf life. Costco calls it “premium quality Malossol caviar” from a sustainably farmed resource. Each jar serves two to four people.

Boarderie Diletto Fully Arranged Cheese Board $119.99

Ready-to-graze boards are an easy answer to vacation hosting. This fully pre-assembled cheese board can be delivered nationwide and features three trays filled with a tapestry of artisan cheeses, dried fruits and nuts, as well as a jar of jam, a pot of bamboo chocolates, six servings of crackers and bamboo serving utensils.


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