American Express Bakery in Mumbai has been driving people crazy since 1908!

Offering one of the best baked goods in the city for over 100 years, American Express Bakery is nothing short of a gem.

How about a big bite of cheese croissants, plum pies, chicken pot pie, cinnamon rolls, cookies, pastries, bread, and cheesecakes? Well, if you love fresh and hot baked goods, here is a century-old bakery on Hill Road, Mumbai that will give your taste buds a delicious and comforting ride. American Express Bakery is one of those few shops in the city that really needs no introduction, but did you know that until 1944, this bakery used to supply sausages, butter and bread to American ships at the Bombay docks? And was it their fast delivery that made them popular under the name American Express, and they used to sell bread to Bandra Gym and the Royal Bombay Yacht Club for a long time?

vegetable pack and cheese croissant

From Grant Road to Byculla, and on to Hill Road

It was a talented baker Francesco Carvalho, who opened a bakery on Falkland Road, in Grant Road, out of his passion and love for pastries and food and named it american bakery. In 1938, he moved his bakery to Byculla, where it still stands today. To expand and help Carvalho with his business, he was joined by his 3 sons, namely Joseph, Nolasco and Sebastian.

After a while, Joseph began to import sausages and cheeses from Europe to improve the quality. He also offered catering services during that period. Until 1944 they even supplied cured meats, bread and butter to American ships at the Bombay docks and because of their fast delivery, people began affectionately calling them American Express, which is how they got their current name.

The Hill Road outlet of American Express Bakery
The old advertisements on the wall.

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From 1954 until a few years ago, American Express Bakery only sold bread. But seeing the demand and the competition, the owners decided to add much more than just bread to their menu. The wooden shelves are now decorated with beautiful crostini, lavash, wine macarons, plum cakes, granola cookies, croissants, sandwiches, lemon tart and much more. All of these are baked in wood-fired and diesel-fired ovens, and the staff claims that no additives, premixes, or preservatives are used to make these baked goods.

Both the bakeries on Hill Road and Byculla have staff who are also seniors and some of them are even from UP and Arunachal Pradesh. The atmosphere is warm, simple and has a vintage charm. The walls feature black and white ads for the bakery in frames and there are a few chairs as well.

This place is quite cozy and at any time of the day, it always smells amazing. If you love fresh baked goods, especially plum pie, you should head to American Express Bakery. Apart from that, their lemon tarts and cheese croissants are also worth a try and they have the ability to change the mood in a very good way.

Sit, eat and chat here and trust us, you won’t regret it ๐Ÿ™‚

Where: Plot No 87, Sushma Villa, Hill Rd, Bandra West, Hill Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai.
When: 9 a.m. to 8.30 a.m.
Price: 60 rupees and up.

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