Akij Baker baking goodness into ‘Funtastic’ cakes and more

On November 12, Akij Bakers Ltd launched Funtastic cakes, the latest addition to their growing range of products.

November 20, 2022, 10:00 a.m.

Last modified: November 20, 2022, 14:37

During its seventy-two years of operation, Akij has become a household name in Bangladesh, employing over 35,000 people and boasting a plethora of brands ranging from Akij Agro, Akij Cement, Akij Plastics, etc.

With Akij’s financial prowess managing conglomerates of this magnitude, it was only a matter of time before he entered the food and beverage market in late 2006 with Akij Food and Beverages Limited.

They would soon capture the beverage market with local alternatives like Mojo and even compete with international competitors like Coca-Cola and Pepsico. Given its success in this market, Akij then decided to launch Akij Bakers Ltd in 2020.

“Before launching Mojo we went through a rigorous tasting procedure to assess if our drinks could compete with the best drinks. After a year of research, we finally distributed Mojo and it was a huge hit with all age groups. For cookies and cakes from Akij Baker, we adopted the same process,” said Md Shafiqul Islam Tushar, Marketing Director of Akij Bakers Ltd.

On November 12, Akij Bakers launched the latest addition to its growing range of products: Funtastic cakes. According to Shafiqul, Funtastic cakes were launched for people who prefer affordability but also want to satisfy their hunger with tasty bites.

There are several options under the Funtastic Cake brand: Funtastic Plain Cupcake (which comes in three flavors: Vanilla, Milky Butter, and Chocolate), Funtastic Cream-Filled Cupcake (available in Vanilla and Chocolate), and Funtastic Pound Cake (which also comes in Vanilla flavors). and chocolate). Funtastic cookies are also available in the market.

Before the launch of Funtastic Cakes, Akij Bakers already had a range of products that could be found in local shops like Bakeman’s Biscuits or Fast Bread and Bun.

Akij Bakers Ltd started life on December 16, 2020 and despite launching during the pandemic, it has been well received.

Shafiqul said, “During the pandemic, people across the country became more aware of food hygiene and quality. Their confidence in packaged dry goods increased. As a result, Akij Bakery’s items were able to become favorites of consumers. We are successfully supplying our bakery items in 64 districts.”

With a huge investment of Tk1200 crore in the baking project, Akij Bakers started its operations with Bakeman’s biscuits and aimed to revolutionize the ready-to-eat food market with its quality and delicious baked goods.

“There are many reasons why our products are different from others, starting with our world-class factory equipped with machines from Europe and the use of robots on our production line. This efficiency helped produce the largest variety of cakes with the larger capacity and avoided any kind of manual contact maintained hygiene,” Shafiqul said.

Akij Bakers claims to have captured the second highest market share in terms of cake sales since it unofficially launched its cakes earlier this year.

Akij also managed to export 5.5 tons of bakery items a few weeks ago in Malaysia and is continuously working to spread the ‘Funtastic’ taste of its bakery items.

Photo: Akij Baker

Photo: Akij Baker

Photo: Akij Baker

“We use imported vegetable fat instead of Dalda, which is normally used in this type of food. This is another thing that sets us apart,” Shafiqul said.

Shafiqul also added that they used A+ grade flour, sugar, high-quality flavourings, milk powder and skimmed milk in the production of the cakes. To get a better idea, The Business Standard spoke to engineer Shaumitra Kumar Mondol, general manager of Akij’s fully automated factory in Shilmun, Tongi.

Shaumitra said: “We cannot stress enough that no factory in this country uses such gold standard raw materials. The raw materials are tested twice in the importing country and then retested by the customs clearance lab. When it arrives at We test it in our country in our modern laboratory to guarantee that we serve the best quality, meeting all the standards of perfect raw materials for baking”.

Due to automation, his factory consists of only 100 workers. And since the production procedure is fast and the factory has 2000 kW solar panels, it is quite an energy efficient project.

“Installing solar panels has helped lower our variable cost and supports us for almost eight hours a day. Currently, our factory can produce 100 to 120 tons of bakery food every day and we made sure that the automation process does not hinder the quality of the food in any way.”

He finally added that the idea that handmade items taste better is incorrect. Process equipment and process parameters are the keys to obtaining the perfect product. Also, the use of handmade products is not always preferable if one has health problems.

fun and fantastic

As the name of the product says, the cakes in this product line are fun and fantastic given their super affordable price range. We tasted three types of Funtastic Cakes. Each cake was different in taste and appearance.

Their pound cake comes in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. They are a bit smaller than the usual plain cakes, but are very reasonably priced.

In Tk30, you get six pieces of vanilla goodness. The texture was fluffy and had just the right amount of sweetness. It is the perfect snack at tea time to enjoy with the family. The brownie was equally tasty, but it felt sweeter because of the chocolate.

After the simple delight, we tried their cream-filled cupcakes that come in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate.

The cupcakes have a very creamy center and cost only 10 taka. It felt like a perfect tiffin for the kids or a perfect snack to have on a break.

Their plain cupcakes don’t have a creamy center, but they taste just as good as the others. They cost just Tk5 and are available in vanilla, chocolate and milky butter.

If robots can make cakes, they can also make crispy cookies, right? As the CMO of Akij Bakers explained, their cookies taste as if they were made with first-class flour. The cookies were crisp and fresh.

Photo: Ajik Baker

Photo: Ajik Baker

Photo: Ajik Baker

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