Aisle of Wedding Bells 2! Would you propose in this Texas business?

Asking that special someone the question is always a scary thought, isn’t it? For the would-be individual, the stress of the response alone could keep anyone up at night. But there are other things, of course, that have to go at the same time.

The ring, the weather, the time of day, someone to capture the moment, whether the family is there or not… but the only thing we’ll talk about today is: the location. Yes, where you propose is almost as important as the ring.

But just like the other things mentioned, a lot of thought needs to be put into the place where hopefully the couple will say yes without hesitation. Perhaps it is the place where you first met, or where the first date took place. Sometimes there is only one place around the area that suits the moment.

Other times, it’s a place you wouldn’t expect.

Maybe even sometimes in a Texas supermarket

Yeah, a Texas supermarket could work, right? As it turns out, HEB can absolutely function as a place to ask your partner to spend the rest of their life with you. In a video posted on Tik Tok, this exact moment happened:

That worker’s face says it all, right? What a special moment to witness. But I have a question or two.

Questions relating to individuals

There are two questions that stick out in my mind. First, did these individuals meet at the HEB in question or did they work together? Also, is there any significance to aisle two?

We need to somehow find the newly engaged couple and find the answers, right?

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