Agents Calling on the Industry to Help Spread Some Holiday Cheer

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This Christmas and New Years, your local food bank will be delivering emergency supplies to more people than ever before. The rising cost of living means that more and more people are being forced to use food banks. For the first time, The Trussell Trust network reported that food banks are handing out more food than is being donated.

Agents Giving is calling out to the real estate industry and urging them to get involved where they can with their time, support, fundraisers and donations for their own local food banks.

So, help spread some holiday cheer by filling a stocking or two with treats and donating to your local food bank, which means that in addition to the basic food package, those in need will get the extras everyone loves. and deserve at Christmas.

Items that food banks need to give extra help this holiday season are boxes of chocolates, selection boxes, chocolate oranges, candy tubes, chocolate tree hangers, holiday cookies, chocolate coins, cakes and bars Christmas cookies, Christmas cookies and Christmas desserts.

How can you get involved?

Gather what you can at your office, ask your community and other local businesses for support, put on any size sock, and donate to your local food bank. They will be delighted to receive your support.

Tell us what you’re supporting here and don’t forget to share your stocking donation photos!

For more information, contact Agents Giving [email protected] / or visit the website.

Another Christmas fundraiser:

DCTR and Agents Giving team up to raise money with snow globe photos

DCTR, the company behind the Doctor Photo platform, has teamed up with Agents Giving to raise money this Christmas. Starting today, agents can submit their exterior photos of the property to DCTR to be transformed into a snow globe, either as a photo or animated. Perfect for social media, email campaigns, holiday cards, and storefronts.

Nearly two years ago, DCTR raised over £2,000 for the homeless charity Shelter with its ‘Paint the Doorways Rainbow’ COVID crisis campaign. This year DCTR wanted to raise money a little closer to home by supporting the official charity for the real estate industry.

Tom Durrant, MD at DCTR, said: “Every year, tons of agents and developers ask us to transform their property photos into a Christmas scene. We have traditionally added snow and Christmas decorations, but this year we are launching snow globes in partnership with Agents Giving, donating half of all associated proceeds to the charity.”

“It’s a great opportunity to thank vendors and suppliers with a personalized message or paint your marketing channels with a little holiday cheer. We hope we can raise a lot of money for Agents Giving in the process.”

Photos are priced at £10 + VAT and animated gifs and .mp4 videos are £15 + VAT each with DCTR donating half of all their snow globe proceeds to Agents Giving.

Agents can order the balloons through the Doctor Photo platform or by email. [email protected]

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