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Click to enlarge After starting delivery-only, Breaüxdoo Bakery opens a store in Spokane Valley

Photo by Chiana McInelly

Gage Lang of Breauxdoo

B.reaüxdoo Bakery has been It’s been around since 2020, but a recent expansion brings a fun-filled atmosphere to the business with a rock band twist.

Owner and Spokane native Gage Lang, who has worked in restaurants and bakeries throughout Washington state, drew inspiration from his varied experiences in the food world to create the full-service bakery. His time at Biscuit Bitch in Seattle was formative in creating the environment he envisioned for Breaüxdoo.

“Working on Biscuit Bitch was a lot of fun, and I wanted to capture the same kind of morale and energy that they and Voodoo Donuts in Portland gave off,” Lang says. “I was previously in a rock band, I have a bit of an androgynous personality and I love skate culture and the tattoo shop feel. That’s what Breaüdoox is supposed to be.”

Lang’s unique style and artistic expertise are now channeled into his gourmet creations. While Breaüxdoo Bakery—the name rhymes with “voodoo”—is perhaps best known for its oversized cookies ($4.50) and blondie bars ($5), Lang also recommends its signature cheesecake ($9 for an individual-sized pie). it has an equal crust to fill ratio, unlike traditional versions.

“For lovers of spice, the ‘Peep Show’ ($15.25) is my best recommendation,” he says. “It’s a biscuit and gravy, a German sausage hot link, shredded cheddar cheese, jalapenos, and Frank’s hot sauce. It’s an amazing new addition.”

The bakery started in 2020 as a pickup-and-delivery-focused business, partly to comply with COVID social distancing guidelines at the time, but also to gradually ramp up production. But Lang’s vision was always to expand with a permanent, entryway-style storefront. Delivery and curbside pickup are still offered, and customers can also find Breaüxdoo’s products at wholesale bakery vendors around town, like My Fresh Basket in Kendall Yards. The bakery is also a frequent vendor at the local markets.

“We’re now a full-fledged patisserie with our fan favorites as well as cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries, and custom orders. Basically, you name it or think it, we get it,” says Lang.

Although Lang has worked in a variety of different professional food settings, he is also somewhat self-taught. After starting out in a Running Start culinary program in high school, Lang took matters into his own hands to develop his own resume. In addition to working at the quirky downtown Seattle spot, Biscuit Bitch, Lang also has a stint at Versalia Pizza in Spokane, among others.

Her culinary skills now shine through the artistry that she channels into every cake and dish she thinks of.

“I may not be too involved in the music scene anymore, but I like to capture a specific energy in my store,” says Lang. “The remnants of my past life can live on through my food, and I’m ready to let people into that.”

Take, for example, Breaüxdoo’s motto: “Desserts for rock stars.”

The brick-and-mortar space isn’t the only thing that’s changed since Breauxdoo’s initial launch, then working out of a downtown Spokane commercial kitchen.

The bakery’s menu has been expanded with many unique additions, like Lang’s take on biscuits and gravy with fun, modern names like “Jam Session” and “After Party” ($9.50 each). Whether customers want a sweet treat or a hearty savory meal, Breaüxdoo has something for everyone. Custom cake orders are also available for any occasion.

In the new Spokane Valley store, with its jet-black walls and gorgeous red chandelier, Breaüxdoo reflects Lang’s time in a rock and roll band. The edgy, dazzling energy of the wide open space, along with its colorful, decadent cakes and flavorful food, all fit the theme. ♦

Breaüxdoo Bakery • 14109 E. Sprague Ave., Suite 7A-1, Spokane Valley • Open daily 8 am to 6 pm • • 509-290-6389

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