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The Red Town Hall Christmas Market includes everything a Christmas market should have, and more than that. It even has an ice rink and great music.

Berlin, November 23, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — Many Berliners don’t seem to be aware of the fact that Christmas is fast approaching. Why else would one of the best Christmas markets on the planet be so empty? Well, ok, it was a Tuesday night. People worked and studied. Furthermore, the first Advent has not even passed. This Christmas market, that of the Red Town Hall, is sure to be full.

‘Super reaper’

This is what Jonathan O’Reilly believes. At his small stand, the Irishman offered his Crazy Bastard Sauce, a series of incredibly hot sauces that he produces in his small factory in the Kreuzberg neighborhood of Berlin. His sauces, including the spicier ‘Super Reaper’, can wake the dead. And they definitely make a great Christmas present. O’Reilly, the only producer of Irish hot sauce in Berlin, ran the stall himself because he trained sales clerks at the Christmas market last night.

The giant wheel is 164 feet tall. Photo: Immanuel Marcus

But he was not the only expatriate in the compound. A Peruvian gentleman was selling scarves and similar products near the north entrance. A few steps away from him, an Iranian lady and an Iraqi colleague prepared Middle Eastern flatbread with sea salt, garlic and other ingredients. So is this a very international Christmas market? Absolutely. This is one of the good aspects of this particular one.

Ice rink

The three Mexican tourists our reporter bumped into and the other visitors seemed to be enjoying themselves in this place. From here you can see several Berlin landmarks, namely the Red Town Hall, which is right next door, the TV Tower, the top of which disappeared in the fog on Tuesday, and the Neptune Fountain. This market was created around him.

Professionals and amateurs invaded the ice rink. Photo: Immanuel Marcus

Aside from the giant wheel that measures 50 meters (164 feet) and gives people a chance to see everything from above, revolving carousels and an ice rink make this a special place. Here excellent ice skaters and people who fell every ten seconds were very active, with really nice music. No stupid “ooomph ooomph ooomph” sounds at the Christmas market in Red City Hall. Instead they play a nice mix of nice Christmas tunes, jazzy sounds, soulful and classical music.

delicious ingredients

Oh! We almost forgot the treats. Yes, they offer all the mulled wine punch (‘Glühwein’) anyone could want, all kinds of spirits and the most harmless drinks. The food may not be as good as the State Opera Christmas Market, but no one will starve here either. Steak and sausage sandwiches, anyone? Bon Appetite.

The peak of the Television Tower disappeared in the mist. Photo: Immanuel Marcus

Those candies look even better. Mexican churros, the de rigueur candied apples, or those with a layer of chocolate and toasted almonds are available everywhere. Such is this Rothenburg ob der Tauber specialty known as ‘Ballen’. They’re tennis ball-sized spheres filled with all sorts of delicious toppings, including pistachios or ‘champagne-truffle filling’.

Juicy and Authentic

The best sweet of all? Go to the stall where this guy sells Christstollen, this traditional German Christmas cake. It offers the real thing, namely ‘Dresdner Stollen’. Forget all those variations available in supermarkets. This is the juiciest and most authentic version. And visit the Christmas market at Red City Hall. No complaints here.

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