A mix of joy and joy: The New Indian Express

By express news service

CHENNAI: As 2022 begins to draw to a close, the time has come when preparations for Christmas and New Years begin. One of them is the centuries-old tradition of mixing cakes, and on Friday night at the Holiday Inn on OMR IT Expressway this came to life, at an event called ‘Mixing Happiness’.

Leading from the front was general manager Divakar Shukla, who thanked the guests who had arrived to take part in the event, despite it being a Friday night. “Cake mixing is a tradition brought to us by the British,” he said, adding, “This is usually done on the first Sunday of every November, as a sign of a good harvest and a way to kick off the festive season. There’s been a two-year gap in the festivities, and this is a wonderful way for people to come together again.”

From here, Executive Chef Asif Iqbal took over. Guests were led to a large table with an assortment of dried fruits, nuts, raisins and spices, totaling 100kg, Asif noted, and expertly curated by the culinary staff. On another table was bottle after bottle of rum, whiskey, brandy and vodka, not intended for consumption but for mixing.

As the guests gathered around the table, they were handed gloves and aprons and handed out the bottles which they enthusiastically (even ruefully) emptied and mixed with the variety of dried fruits, nuts and other edibles that were to be found. they would become everyone’s Christmas cake. expect during the festive season. Guests also received complimentary Christmas hats in advance.

The final mix, achieved after a good 15-20 minutes of hand mixing, gave off a slightly heady aroma. The participants were rewarded for their effort and enthusiasm with a special buffet consisting of sandwiches and rolls and cakes, and the mixture was transferred to the warehouse, where it will remain for a month until ripening.

Speaking of the event, Asif commented, “We love hosting events where everyone enjoys the fun of blending harvested fruit into wine or rum that is dried and stored shortly after harvest. The cake-mixing ceremony is a warm-up for the festive season.”

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