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To do Hilaria BaudouinTeen Reese witherspoon, and an international team of young stars and influencers have in common? Everyone has had a love affair with a fresh scent from cult retailer Bath & Body Works. The mall staple may have a reputation of being past its prime or catering to a younger crowd, but it turns out that even famous people can’t resist its sweet-smelling lotions and seasonal candles. Read on to find out which Bath & Body Works products celebrities love.

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Bath & Body Works Sea Island Shore Body Spray
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Yoga instructor (and famous wife of Alec Baldwin) Hilaria Baldwin reportedly likes to mix her favorite Dior scent with Bath & Body Works’ Sea Island Cotton spray, and claims a blend of the two is her signature scent.

The businesswoman, author and mother of seven told beauty blog Into the Gloss: “I have a ton of different perfumes I like to wear, but the one my husband calls my signature scent is Christian Dior J’adore, which I’ve worn since I was 17. But I like to mix it with, you know Bath and Body Works? Sea Island Cotton spray…it smells amazing to me. I spray J’adore, and then I put the Sea Island Cotton on my clothes., and the mix of those two is really my scent.”

Sea Island Cotton has been rebranded as Sea Island Shores, which smells like “dry sheets at the beach house,” according to the retailer. Pretty fitting for someone who spends a lot of time at home in the Hamptons, right?

Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist
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For many of us, Bath & Body Works scents have a powerful nostalgic effect, and celebrities aren’t immune to it. Academy Award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon, who launched her own perfume, called In Bloom, with Avon in 2009, said Seduce she was not allowed to wear perfume until she was 16 years old.

“When I went to dances, my mom would let me wear perfume. I wore something really fruity and vanilla-cake flavored from Bath & Body Works.” We’re not sure exactly what scent Reese was spraying, but Warm Vanilla Sugar is certainly a popular pick today.

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Single Wick Candle
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Emmy-nominated actress and comedian Yvonne Orji (plays Molly Carter in the HBO series Unsafe) is a big fan of Bath & Body Works and has Bazaar about several different products that you love.

“I love anything that allows me to indulge my senses: Bath & Body Works’ little hand sanitizers fit in my bag, they’re TSA-approved, and they smell delicious,” she said.

When asked about his relaxation routine, Orji said: “For me, lighting candles and sitting by my fireplace with the ‘Jazz in the Background’ playlist on Spotify is a must.” And one of his favorite candles to light is the Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint Aromatherapy Candle.

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Bath & Body Works Teakwood Body Lotion
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In 2018, a Temple University student messaged the actor and Black Panther star michael b jordan asking him if he could buy him a milkshake when he was filming on campus, and he said yes! Afterwards, he apparently received a lot of questions about his fragrance. “[He] it smelled like mahogany teak wood from Bath & Body Works, but better,” she said, according to Insider.

So while we can’t confirm that Jordan buys from retail, we can gather that her signature scent is a mix of “rich mahogany, black teakwood, dark oak, and frosty lavender” or “like borrowing her flannel for a walk in the forest,” according to the store’s website.

Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Mahogany Teak Wood Candle
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Podcast Host, Style Influencer, and Clothing Designer alisa marie is a die-hard Mahogany Teakwood fan. “I love how cozy Bath & Body Works is! I prefer to shop in the store and I mostly go during the fall and winter,” he said. Cosmopolitan. “Living in Southern California, where there are no dramatic seasons, it’s so nice to fill the house with a leaf candle or mahogany teak. Sometimes it’s the only thing that really makes me feel like I’m falling in love!”

She also shares that in the early 2000s, she first became hooked on the brand with its Japanese Cherry Blossom scent, which can still be purchased today. “For more than a decade, this iconic floral has defined classic beauty from day to night, season to season, and its graceful balance of blooming petals and blushing warmth is the epitome of femininity,” Bath & Body describes. Works.

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleeping Body Lotion
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In the same Cosmopolitan article, which questions why millennials stopped shopping at Bath & Body Works, beauty influencer leah vanwyk (going by Leah Janae) shared that she had a similar trajectory to Marie’s.

“In the ’90s, they had a line for kids called Art Stuff, which included a ball glitter that I was absolutely obsessed with. It had a melon scent, it smelled amazing,” she told the magazine.

Today, she said she likes the hibiscus and ylang-ylang scents in the sleep aromatherapy line. Although this exact scent is no longer available, the aromatherapy line offers products in Lavender Vanilla, Eucalyptus Spearmint, Eucalyptus Tea, and Orange Ginger.

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Bath & Body Works Dahlia Mini Fine Fragrance Mist
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In a YouTube video about her five favorite scents, the Filipino actress Jessie Mendiola shared her love for Bath & Body Work’s Dahlia Fine Fragrance Mist, according to FemaleNetwork.com. Noting that she doesn’t like “overpowering” scents, Mendiola said she sprays this mist, which is a combination of dahlia petals, crisp pear and praline, after she showers. Dahlia dropped out, but the actress had said that she would buy a lot of them.

Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss Fine Fragrance Mist
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FemaleNetwork.com also shared that the Filipino actress and businesswoman heart evangelist says her “latest favorite” scent is Dark Kiss Mist by Bath & Body Works. In a YouTube video, she said: “This is something I use every night. I don’t mind spraying it over and over again.” [again.]”

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