7 of the best bath bombs for your most relaxing night, plus 5 kids will love

When you’ve had a long hard day at work, stayed home with the kids, or just exist, there’s nothing like a good spin in the tub, except of course, a good spin in the tub with a good soak. bomb. These handy little spheres (or cubes!) can turn a boring bathroom into an ultra-luxurious bath, enveloping you in calming essential oils, calming salts, and nourishing moisturizers.F you know which ones to look for. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to discover 10 of the best bath bombs on the market to help you really relax, plus five your little ones will enjoy too.

What do bath bombs do?

Bath bombs dissolve in the tub to create a multi-sensory experience filled with color, fragrance, fizz, and fun (not to mention leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated). More than that, however, a 2018 study published in the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal found that bathing was more beneficial to mental health than routine showering, offering a marked improvement in subjects’ stress, fatigue and depression scores. Combine that with some of the common ingredients found in many bath bombs, like lavender, which has been shown to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature, and epsom salt, which studies show may improve your mood and relieve your back pain. and you have an unbeatable recipe for relaxation.

What to look for in a bath bomb

Ingredients: It’s a good idea to check the ingredient list on any bath bomb before you buy it, especially if you have sensitive skin. That’s because the wrong pump can cause adverse reactions, or even affect a woman’s vaginal pH balance, leading to nasty irritations or infections, and who wants to deal with that “down there”? Everything from essential oils and fragrances to dyes can cause problems, so it’s best to test the bath bomb on your skin before committing fully to it. To do this, rub it against the crook of your elbow, then wait 48 hours. If it causes a skin reaction, it is best to avoid it. Some specific things to keep in mind can also be found below.


use with caution


Bubbles: Most bath bombs will fizz in water, but if you’re looking for a bubble bath, there are a few that will fizz too.

Color: There’s always a risk that a shiny bath bomb will leave behind some colorful residue, so read the reviews or go with a clear or colorless option if you don’t want to take any chances.

How to use bath bombs

Bath bombs are designed to dissolve and work their magic—for example, releasing their colors, scents, and other delights—when dropped into a tub filled with warm water. havoc to your pipes, according to Terry’s Plumbing in Pennsylvania, there are a few precautions to follow when using them.

Get in the tub and enjoy!

The best bath bombs at a glance

Achieve total relaxation with this super cute homemade bath bomb.

1. Lifearound2angels Bath Bombs


The Best Overall Bath Bombs

If you’re the type who enjoys a nice luxurious bath on a regular basis, this bath bomb set will make sure your baths are worth it. Includes 12 different scented spheres including Black Raspberry Vanilla, Fun on the Beach, Lemongrass Green Tea, Shea and Coconut and more. Each one is made with natural ingredients (some contain flower petals) and contains a light moisturizer to leave skin soft afterward. They are also free of itchy glitter.

$27 on Amazon

2. Pills to relax Ouai


The most moisturizing bath bombs

Created by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, these clean-looking bath bombs, also known as “chill out pills,” live up to their name, at least if the reviews are any indication. No tub-staining colors or fancy ingredients—just vegan and moisturizing, like jojoba, safflower, and hemp seed oil. Plus, your bath (and your skin!) will be infused with the soft, calming scents of rose and jasmine. If only it was that easy to relax for the rest of the day!

$30 on Amazon

3. Nature’s Beauty Oatmeal Bath Bombs


The best bath bomb for sensitive skin

You won’t have to worry about unsightly rashes when you use this bath bomb, which has the secret weapon of avena sativa, an ingredient that has long been used to soothe itchiness and irritation in eczema. It is topped off with nourishing coconut oil and is free of bothersome fragrances. It’s even a light ivory color that won’t stain your tub, and we agree. anything that means less cleanup.

$20; $18 on Amazon

4. Beauty By Earth Bath Bombs


The best organic bath bombs

There’s no need to pick favorites with this six-pack of clean, cruelty-free aromatherapy bath bombs—each one is designed to address a separate need. There’s “Just Relax” for an overall relaxing experience; “Relaxing Detox” to detox from all the nasty chemicals and pollution you encounter every day; “Bedtime Ritual” to help prepare you for sleep; “Muscle Relief” to soothe a sore shoulder; “Joint Relief” for arthritis sufferers and “Get Well Soon” which has essential oils that help combat seasonal allergies. Together, they make a bundle of happiness.

$32 $29 on Amazon

5. Handmade Organic Bath Bombs


The best handmade bath bombs

These handmade organic bath bombs prove that clean ingredients are far from boring; in fact, they’ll make a super cute gift (even if the recipient is you). With vegan ingredients like organic apricot kernel oil and three different types of salts (Epsom, Dead Sea, and Himalayan), these bombs are free of dyes and parabens. Customers say the fizz is awesome and they smell “wonderful” too.

$28 on Amazon

6. Cosset Therapeutic Apocalypse Bath Bombs


The best for sleeping

If you’re into aesthetics, you’ll appreciate these lavender and cream bath bombs that look good enough to eat. They are also infused with French Lavender to help you travel straight to dreamland after use. Handmade in Salt Lake City, Utah with salt from the Great Salt Lake, these bombs are free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. They also come in fully recyclable packaging, so you won’t be harming Mother Earth solely by your bathroom habit.


7. Rejuvelle All Natural Soothing Bath Bombs For Sinuses

The best bath bombs for congestion

This package is for our allergy gals. When the seasons change, colds are no joke. Instead of irritating them with a heavily scented floral bath bomb, these offer the perfect blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and pine essential oils that the company says will help with nasal congestion. They will also feel soothing to your skin.

$19 on amazon

The best bath bombs for kids

While your little one may not need to de-stress, you can certainly enjoy a fun and unique bath experience with the bath bombs below, which are generally considered safe for children ages 3 and up, just to make sure keep them out of reach when bath time is over.

1. Dan & Darci Dino Egg Bath Bombs


The best bath bombs with toys for children

For any dinosaur-loving kid, these bath bombs will be a godsend. The set comes with six egg-shaped spheres, each of which is scented and has a surprise dinosaur figure inside. Cards with educational fun facts about each specific type of dinosaur are also included.

$25 $15 on Amazon

2. Sky Organics Kids Bath Bombs Gift Set


The best fizzy bath bombs for kids

With six colorful options made with kid-safe ingredients in kid-friendly scents, like Bubblegum, Galaxy Grape Soda, and Gummy Bears, these add a delicious bubbly element to the tub that will have your little me freaking out. They also contain “bath sprinkles” to make the water sparkle, plus a surprise gender-neutral toy inside each sphere.

$25 on Amazon

3. Aofmee Bath Bombs


The cutest bath bombs for kids

These pint-sized, handmade bath bombs look like little desserts, shaped like donuts, cupcakes, and cake pops that are sure to catch the eye of youngsters. With moisturizing elements for toddlers’ rough, dry skin, they also emit deliciously fragrant scents like Sweet Orange, Strawberry and French Vanilla that will make your baby smell even sweeter than usual.

$22 $12 on Amazon

4. Dan & Darci Scientific Laboratory of Bath Bombs and Soap


The best bath bomb kit for kids

If you’re looking for a unique way to keep your kids busy, this is the kit for you. Designed for kids ages 6 to 12, this DIY science lab includes color, fragrance, wax, Epsom salt, molds, and more that will let them create eight of their own soaps, plus 10 bath bombs (note that this set contains glitter, so it may be best to save that for the soap). There’s a 20-page how-to guide to walk you through the process, and you’ll learn a little science along the way; in fact, it is authenticated at STEM.org. And when the fun of making them is over, they can take a dip with their creations. How cool is that?

$40; $35 on Amazon

5. Two Sisters Superhero Bubble Bath Bombs


The best bubble bath bombs for kids

These bath bombs will not only fill your bathtub with bubbles, but also make it scented and colorful. Using natural ingredients, like Epsom salts, extra virgin olive oil, essential oils, and water-based colorants, they’re handmade by moms, so you know they’re parent-approved. They come in fun scents (Cherry? Say no more) and each comes with a superhero toy, too.

$9 on Amazon

Shower bombs are the new bath bombs.

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