6 Healthy Dessert Swaps for Weight Loss, Dietitian Reveals

Trying to lose weight while dealing with a sweet tooth can make things incredibly challenging. If you feel like your cravings for sugary treats are getting in the way of your progress, you’re not alone. We spoke with Laura Burak MS, RDfounder of GetNaked® Nutrition and author of “Slim Down with Smoothies,” who shares with us some healthy dessert swaps for weight loss when you’re craving a treat but don’t want to go off track.

According to Burak, “This craving for a daily fix of sugar is the most reported struggle among my clients. But you can (and should) include dessert as part of a healthy weight loss journey if you want to create a sustainable way of life. Without However, swapping in more nutritious and naturally low-calorie options can still satisfy that dessert craving while also moving you in the right direction.”

Indulging in something sweet every day is not something you should deprive yourself of, as long as you opt for something that works well with your healthy eating plan. “Instead of thinking of these options as a dessert or treat, any of them can simply be a snack that satisfies your sweet tooth and provides nutrition and satisfaction between meals. Most of these options contain protein, so they can be considered just another healthy snack option,” explains Burak.

Read on to learn all about Burak’s recommended healthy dessert swaps for weight loss. And below, don’t miss the 12 Foods Everyone Over 50 Should Eat to Lose Weight Significantly.

Swap the ice cream for coconut yogurt with fruits and nuts.

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When the ice cream craving hits, we have a healthy alternative that’s still tasty and gets the job done. Burak recommends ditching your tub of ice cream for coconut or plain yogurt topped with nuts and fruit. This sweet and filling delight is surprisingly nutritious! Or, grab a Greek yogurt dessert bar, “because they’re portion controlled and do the trick.”

If you like fruit ice cream and sorbets, another option is to prepare a healthy homemade “Dole Whip”. Just mix some frozen bananas with your regular milk for a treat that has no added sugar.

Change the traditional cake or cupcakes for an almond flour mug cake.

Fancy cakes and cupcakes are always fun to make and even more fun to eat. But as you make smarter choices to support your weight loss efforts, it’s time to ditch the red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting for a dessert that’s much healthier. Burak recommends making a cup cake with almond flour and added, more nutritious ingredients. This way, he can still have his cake and eat it too, in a single-serving cup!

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Swap out the jelly beans and taffy for dates with crunchy peanut butter.

peanut butter dates

If indulging in gummy candies and saltwater caramels is your thing, Burak has a delicious alternative that you’ll probably be obsessed with. Take some dates and spread or fill them with crunchy peanut butter. “The chewy, crunchy sweet combination is so filling and delicious,” she says.

According to today’s medical newsMedjool dates are packed with antioxidants and fiber, making them a very healthy option to enjoy as a dessert or snack. Fiber promotes satiety, which in turn can help with your weight loss efforts.

Swap out the classic waffles with syrup for whole wheat waffles with peanut butter and jelly.

Instead of ordering or making classic waffles and spreading them with butter and maple syrup, consider toasting a frozen whole wheat waffle and spreading jelly and peanut butter on top. Add a few berries of your choice to complete this tasty treat. Who said you can’t enjoy a little action for breakfast as a dessert?

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Swap the milk chocolate for dark chocolate.

When you need a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth, reach for a dark chocolate bar! “This is a cliché coming from a dietitian, but we really love dark chocolate as a healthy treat, so if you tend to go for milk chocolate, try to choose a brand with at least 70% cocoa for less sugar.” added sugar and a hit of antioxidants. Eat a small piece after a meal or pair it with nuts for a snack,” says Burak.

Swap a milkshake for a milkshake.

spinach and blueberry smoothie

Last but not least, ditch the milkshake and make a delicious milkshake instead! Add some fruits, vegetables and vanilla or chocolate protein powder, mix and enjoy. “[Preparing a smoothie is] a healthier option that makes you feel energized instead of sleepy after drinking it,” says Burak.

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