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$411,412 and growing: pearls make a difference

Posted 9:41 PM Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Pearls of Empowerment, a women’s giving circle organized by the Davie Community Foundation, is enjoying its favorite time of year: grant-making season.

Pearls hosted her annual luncheon last Thursday at the Triple J Manor House in Mocksville.

“The beautifully decorated room was filled with ladies who chose to come together to impact the lives of women and children in Davie County,” said Jane Simpson, the foundation’s president and CEO.

“We were very excited to have such a tremendous response to the luncheon,” said Amber Butler, co-president of events for Pearls. “The room looked beautiful with the decorations, but filled with so many lovely ladies, it was beautiful.”

A salad mix from Ketchie Creek Bakery and a dessert from Maddie Cakes were served. Simpson shared an update on student successes via Ignite Davie. Many of the Pearls have supported this program.

After hearing from Kelly Funderburk, Co-President of Marketing, it was time to announce the 2022 grants. Three grants were awarded in Pearls’ three focus areas: abuse of women and children, housing for women and children, and child care. and transportation of women and children.

• The Davie County Advocacy Center received a $7,400 award for Davie County Housing Stabilization for Women and Children.

The center serves residents facing a financial crisis that threatens their basic needs. The grant will help with rent/mortgage, utility bills and auto repairs so mothers can keep their family safe and secure. Executive Director Allie Fruits shared two stories from the people the center helped.

• Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center received a $10,000 award to ensure they can provide therapy to children affected by trauma, regardless of their ability to pay.

Childhood experiences, positive and negative, have a tremendous impact on future victimization and perpetration of violence, and on lifelong health and opportunities, said Brandi Reagan, executive director of Dragonfly House.

The Dragonfly House offers therapy sessions from licensed, trauma-trained mental health physicians for children in Davie who have experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, witnessed violence, or been exposed to a variety of other crimes. These mental health services build on the strengths of children, families, and community systems to increase hope, healing, and resilience. Reagan shared the story of a mother and daughter who were helped through a series of serious life challenges.

• Family Promise of Davie County received a $10,000 award to help fund the transitional housing program that allows homeless families to stay together, continue to save money, and receive support from a case manager to create a sustainable future.

Family Promise operates the only homeless shelter and transitional housing program in Davie. Family Promise partnered with Hope Homes to provide two 2-bedroom homes for use in the program. This housing bridges the gap between homelessness and permanent housing by offering structure, supervision, support, life skills, education, and training.

Executive Director Lisa Reynolds shared a story about a family that found stable housing and whose son began to thrive in school thanks to the stability of having his own home. “Not knowing where you will sleep at night is very stressful for children and impacts them in ways you may not have thought about,” Lisa said.

“It’s exciting to hear personal stories about the impact our grants are having,” said Donna Powell, co-chair of grants. “I am proud that my $365 is added to other women’s to award grants to agencies that make a positive difference.”

After 13 years of grantmaking, Pearls has awarded $411,412 for projects in Davie County.

Isn’t that a pearl? Consider joining. Membership can be individual or group and costs $365 per year. Members can be as involved as they want. Some of the women serve on the leadership team, others choose to help with committees or events, and some simply write checks.

“There is a place for every woman at Pearls of Empowerment,” said Linda Dorsett, president. “You just need $1 a day and a desire to improve the lives of women and children in Davie County.”

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