4 Ways You Can Help Humane Societies and Shelters

Today is the anniversary of Humane Society International, and I thought we should take a moment to celebrate and remember what we can do to help humane societies and animals in need.

Photo by Howie R on Unsplash

Photo by Howie R on Unsplash

As National Today explained, “There are currently more than 12 million supporters of Humane Society International around the world and it is the world’s largest animal protection organization, with chapters in all major countries, including India and South Korea.”

Although we have come a long way from where we were decades ago, there are still many abused and abandoned animals in the US and around the world. National Today shares that the US has over 10,000 known puppy mills, more than 10 million animals die annually in the US as a result of abuse, and according to statistics, one animal is abused every minute in the world. .

It is organizations like Humane Society International and holidays like today that remind us and spread awareness about cruelty to animals. By celebrating this day, we can also tell others that SPCA organizations exist to protect animals.

Here are things you can do to help:


Don’t buy from breeders! We all know that breeders are bad for many reasons. While you may not buy animals from breeders, you may know someone. Spread the word! That’s really the best you can do. There are so many animals out there and so many shelters that are full. There really is no reason to buy from breeders.

  1. Donate time or money to local, national and international organizations.

If you don’t want to adopt but want to help, you can donate your time or money to any local or national organization. I know of a few places in the past (at least around me) that allow you to spend time with the animals and even walk them as a form of volunteering. If you don’t know of any, just google “humane societies near me (or in southern MN)” or “animal shelters near me.”

  1. Use apps and sites where you can adopt.

If you don’t know of or don’t have local shelters near you, try apps and sites that allow you to adopt. Some apps you can use are: PetFinder (I love this one!), WeRescue, and AllPaws.

Some websites you can check out are: Pet Finder, Adopt a Pet, AKC Rescue Network, Rescue Me, and Petco Love.

There are even websites and apps that share other things like donating to local or national shelters and even a dog walking program!

  1. share stories

As I said earlier, the best we can do as one person is not to share and spread awareness. Share stories of what you’ve done to help or how people you know have saved an animal’s life. Please share the scary and horrible things breeders do so we can spread the word and stop buying and breeding animals.

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