20 restaurants in Portland, Maine with outdoor dining in winter

Restaurants in Portland, Maine

It really seems like a new restaurant pops up in town every day and I’m not one to complain about that. Portland is home to classic staples that serve up regulars their favorite foods and new places that give us the chance to try new things.

Portland has really put itself on the map as a culinary destination and we are lucky to be surrounded by such amazing places that never disappoint. From the courteous and friendly service to the carefully curated menus, sitting down for a meal or drink in the city is always a pleasurable experience.

We are also lucky to live in a beautiful area so eating outside and enjoying the scenery and people watching is always a huge plus.

Fortunately, many places allow us to sit outside even when it snows.

Winter outdoor seating in Portland, Maine

That’s how it is; Like Mainers, a little cold never hurts. In fact, we’ll even sit outside in the dead of winter drinking a cold beer and loving every second of it.

One of the positives to come out of the pandemic was restaurants jumping on the outdoor dining bandwagon year-round, giving customers the opportunity to dine al fresco even in the colder months.

Once the temperature starts to drop, restaurants in the city start putting out tower heaters, blankets, fire pits, eating huts and igloos, and even tables with built-in fire pits for your own personal touch.

Maine is a beautiful place in all seasons, and unique touches like these allow us to enjoy the beauty of our state no matter the weather.

It’s hard to know where to go for outdoor seating in the winter unless you drive past a place and see people sitting around a campfire, so I went ahead and put together this list so you can see which places in town offer al fresco free. dine in the winter.

20 restaurants in Portland, Maine with outdoor dining in winter

These charming city restaurants offer al fresco dining year-round, so you can make the most of our city no matter what the weather.

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