18 Seasonal Craft Beers You Can Enjoy In Vancouver This Year

While the holiday season is often marked by glasses of wine, both mulled and sparkling, there are definitely festive options when it comes to craft beer as well. So, for all you beer drinkers out there, here are some local options to consider in and around Vancouver, courtesy of The BC Ale Trail. Check out these 20 craft beers that are in season this winter.

BC Cranberry Sour by 33 Acres Brewing (5.7% ABV)

Made with barley, wheat and spelt, and fermented with a special mixed culture in oak foeder. Referred with BC blueberries for a delicate berry character and complex acidity.

Bomber Brewing Hedgehog Hazelnut Milk Porter (5% ABV)

Made with barley, wheat and chocolate rye, this hazelnut porter is lightened with a touch of lactose for a sweet and creamy finish.

Two winter beers from BREWHALL Beer Co

  • 7109 Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (9% ABV | 61 IBU): A collaboration with Egan’s Whiskey and BCBA Gold Medal Winner for Wood Aged Beer.
  • Lambrusco Hybrid Ale (10% ABV | 27 IBU): Brewed with a light malt base to let the Lambrusco grapes shine, then chilled for a year, providing a vibrant ruby ​​hue for a fruity beer.

Two Christmas beers from Bridge Brewing

  • The Grinch (6.5% ABV | 20 IBUs): Delicately flavored with cinnamon, vanilla and oak, and an emphasis on chocolate and roasted malts. Lightly hopped with Willamette and fermented with a house yeast strain.
  • Santa’s Sack (10.5% | 30 IBU): Brewed with a single malt bill and lightly hopped, hot-fermented with a classic Belgian yeast strain. Look for notes of clove, banana, and pepper.

Container Brewing Seawise Giant Upright Pack (11.2% ABV)

A four pack of all four vintages of Container’s Imperial Stout.

Four seasonal beers from Deep Cove Brewing & Distilling in North Vancouver

  • Frostbite Winter Ale (5.0% ABV | 18 IBUs): A creamy, medium-bodied winter beer with flavors of caramel and nuts that finishes smooth with a subtle hint of vanilla.
  • ESB Night Watch (5.0% ABV | 37 IBU): A classic version of a British-style beer, brewed with Golding hops and fermented with English Ale yeast, providing a great balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness.
  • Luminescent Chocolate Coconut Porter (5.0% ABV | 32 IBU): Inspired by Deep Cove’s jellyfish, which illuminate dark waters with their bioluminescent glow.
  • Raspberry and Sour Plum (ABV 5.0% | 15 IBU): A fruity kettle is poured with a rich red hue and is exploding with flavors and aromas of berry jam and freshly baked plum cake.

Holiday Jam by Electric Bicycle Brewing (5.0% ABV)

A BC favorite with a new seasonal twist. A “classic flavor” complemented by bright, fresh blueberries.

241 Minzeweizen by Faculty Brewing (5.2% ABV | 9 IBU)

This classic college recipe is not your typical winter beer. This misty wheat beer is infused with mint tea for a pleasantly refreshing and unique twist on a beloved style of beer.

Settlement Brewing Mood Lighting Oatmeal Stout (5.8% ABV)

A blend of local oats and specialty malts that creates a “velvet” beer with a coffee and chocolate finish.

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Two seasonal beers from Strange Fellows Brewing

  • Krampus (8.5% ABV): A Belgian-style Abbey Dubbel brewed with Belgian caramel sugar and dark malts. Rich with the flavor of dried stone fruits, subtle caramel and spices.
  • Lord Barleycorn (6.5% ABV): A “pre-prohibition” lager aged in Woodford Reserve casks that previously held Russian Imperial Stout.

Cookies & Cream Stout (11.8% ABV) by Superflux Brewing & Brassneck Brewery

Co-created by Superflux and Brassneck, this beer was brewed with 6,000 Oreo cookies, a ton of cocoa, vanilla, and some lactose and chocolate. BC Ale Trail calls it “over the top but truly delicious.”

Lump o’ Coal Dry Irish Stout (4.8% ABV) from Wildeye Brewing in North Vancouver

seasonal beers vancouver
Wildeye Brewing’s Lump o’ Coal via BC Ale Trail

A “Flat Dry” Irish Stout made with activated charcoal to add complexity and depth, with a “Chocolate Malted Backbone”.

And that’s a roundup of some festive beers, Vancouver! Be sure to check out the full list of seasonal BC craft beers. Health!

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