15 recipes with figs to make and enjoy in season

Figs are some of the most versatile you can cook in your kitchen. While most go straight into desserts and those of the sweet variety, the fruit can also be enjoyed in savory formulations. Figs are in season in Australia from late summer to early autumn, but can often be purchased at fruit markets throughout the year after being imported from abroad. If figs are your thing and you feel like cooking up a storm this weekend, then one of the 15 Best Fig Recipes we’ve collected is sure to hit the spot.

Fig and coffee crumble

recipes with figs

Fig and coffee? Together in a cake? A dream combination, ideal to satisfy that craving for something sweet after dinner or paired with a hot drink in the morning.

Pistachio brûlée tart with figs

In our eyes pistachio tarts are always winners, their versatility means they can be paired perfectly with a variety of flavours. When you settle down with fig, prepare for a sensory experience with lightness at its core.

Fig and caramel French toast

Sunday mornings spent lazily making French toast with the sun streaming into the kitchen have never looked so elevated, with the addition of figs an ideal flavor boost to add to your staple meal.

Fig, honey and thyme ricotta pancakes

recipes with figs

If a French toast breakfast is not to your liking, these sweet fritters are the ideal alternative. Enjoy the fluffiness of ricotta with the sweetness of honey.

Chocolate, fig and caramel tart

recipes with figs

Chocolate tarts are the ideal mid-week dessert and, when paired with figs, make an easy Moorish treat to enjoy after dinner.

fig cake

For those who prefer a traditional cake to the crumble variety, this humble fig cake recipe is the way to go. Consider it the robust and fluffy alternative to its contemporary sister.

Fig and raspberry slice

A fruity combination for all ages, a slice of fig and raspberry is ideal for on the go and can be consumed throughout the week as a sweet snack or breakfast.

Mini cheesecakes with figs

recipes with figs

Already provided for each serving, the mini fig cheesecakes are simply delicious. You can’t go wrong with a cheesecake, and this is one of our favorites.

Fig and freekeh salad

For those not into the dessert route for fig recipes, then this will be to your liking. Use your figs to make a salad that will fill you up, but won’t leave you feeling sluggish.

Stretch of figs and goat cheese

Figs and goat cheese are a dream combination, and the two are often found in combinations. Here, we see the fig rumble paired with the cheese in the form of a sweet and succulent slice.

Baked figs in prosciutto

recipes with figs

Another savory option in the abundance of fig recipes, baking figs in prosciutto is a great starter before any meal and combines the best of sweet and savory.

Fig salad with blueberry jelly

Elevate your salads with the addition of gelatin, what fun! Childhood nostalgia just around the corner! When combined with figs, it makes a colorful midday meal.

Fig and walnut tart

Fig and walnut? In a cake together? We’ve never heard of a more dreamy combination. Seriously, the two of them are a formidable flavor duo and we’ll be doing that soon.

Figs stuffed with orange ricotta

Infuse your figs with a hint of citrus and a creamy dash of ricotta in this Stuffed Figs recipe.

Fig and caramel trifle

recipes with figs

Bring out your inner Brit and enjoy the trifle concoction, this time with caramel and figs to satisfy the sweet tooth among us.

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