10 signs that your oven is too old

There is no doubt that ovens are one of the most important appliances in our kitchens. We rely on the handy gadgets to cook some of our favorite meals, including late-night staples like casseroles, fancy smorgasbords with prime rib when the holidays roll around, and, of course, homemade bread.

According to the American Home Shield (AHS), gas ovens generally last around 15 years, compared to 13 years for an electric stove. Mr. Appliances says that using his oven less frequently can keep it going for up to 16 years. AHS suggests that there are a few other things you can do to extend this life, such as cleaning it properly, making sure the doors have the correct seals, and using a surge protector. But no matter what, this basic appliance has a lifespan. So if you’re wondering how to tell when you’ve roasted or baked your final meal, read on for 10 telltale signs your oven is too old and needs replacing.

heat escapes easily

If your oven is releasing heat in all the wrong areas, like the door openings or under the bottom storage drawer, it’s not working properly. Heat should only escape through the vent; If not, think of all that wasted money spent on electric bills.

A difference in the quality of the food.

Pay attention to how good your food tastes. According to the Food Network, the perfect oven will fully bake your pies and roast your meat until crisp, so if you notice your food has taken a turn for the worse, your oven might be on its last legs.

ongoing repairs

According to Angi, calling in the experts to fix your oven will cost you anywhere from $100 to $600. If you see this happen over and over again, it would be more profitable to invest in the stove of your dreams.

horrible smells

If your stovetop is omitting putrid odors that definitely aren’t coming from the dishes you’ve cooked, and especially if the odors keep getting worse, Prime Appliance Repairs says it’s better to think about a replacement than cooking with this problem.

there is rust

If rust has seeped into the interior of your oven, Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance Inc. explains that it’s important to think about buying a new model, as it can hamper the internal workings of the appliance. Rust will also become a big concern if it flakes off and seeps into your food.

it is difficult to clean

If your oven is becoming difficult to clean or you notice that the self-clean feature isn’t getting the job done, it might be time to buy a new range. The self-cleaning feature should keep food bits and excess drips out, so a modern option with properly working parts can help address this issue.

temperature fluctuations

Another big sign to look out for is when your oven stops adequately reaching or maintaining the right temperature. Perhaps it’s not heating up fast enough and the food isn’t cooking completely, or your food ends up being overcooked. Both options will leave you searching for a better alternative.

exuberant electric bills

Have your electricity bills gone through the roof? It very well could be due to problems with your oven, says Prime Appliance Repairs. Once you’re seeing consistently high bills due to your broken range, it’s definitely time for a replacement.

It is very noisy

If your once-quiet oven starts making all sorts of rattling noises, like a scratching or buzzing sound, Appliance Express points out that this could be due to dirty gas igniters or a faulty cooling fan. Either way, it’s time for a replacement.

the door does not close

A stove with a door that won’t close properly is a sure sign that food isn’t cooking properly and from what I’ve reviewed, a broken door is usually not something that can be fixed. The whole unit will have to go.

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