10 Perks Of Being A Big Mom Pirate In One Piece

The Big Mom Pirates were among the most powerful crews in One piece by a wide margin. Reigning from Whole Cake Island, they established themselves as a credible authority, and people all over the New World wanted their protection.

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Whether it be with specific luxuries during missions or on the island itself, Big Mom’s soldiers enjoyed so many benefits that the drawbacks were almost worth it. When critically analyzed, it’s easier to understand why there weren’t more mavericks like Lola and Chiffon.

10/10 Big Mom was a powerful leader

Charlotte Linlin, better known as Big Mom, wields the powers of Soul-Soul Fruit in One Piece.

Despite all of Big Mom’s faults, she was an incredibly powerful ruler. As an Emperor of the Sea and a former member of the Rocks Pirates, Big Mom was one of the few people alive capable of taking on Kaido and coming out unscathed.

Considering that not even the Firetank and Straw Hat Pirates could assassinate her despite having full knowledge of her weaknesses, Big Mom could not be underestimated. Her strength ensured that her organization always had a guardian to turn to, however unreliable she might have been.

9/10 Big Mom Pirates Have Awesome Outfits

Charlotte Amande of the Big Mom Pirates

The Big Mom Pirates had the best fashion of all the emperors. Unlike the Beasts Pirates, they were incredibly diverse, with each outfit alluding to its wearer’s personality. For example, Amanda’s fancy dress and big hat helped convey her mysterious demeanor.

Similarly, Katakuri’s rough leather ensemble and fur shroud depicted him as a brutal, yet dependable warrior. Since the Big Mom Pirates do not have an official uniform, it is easier for its members to establish a sense of identity despite being biologically related to each other.

8/10 Homies made living on Whole Cake Island easier

Nami and Zeus in One Piece.

Big Mom used her Soul-Soul Fruit to enliven the world around her. Clouds, trees, and even flowers came to life, turning a significant part of Whole Cake Island into a pleasant wonderland. These animated entities became known as “homies” and were useful in daily life on Whole Cake Island.

In addition to protecting pirates through an enchanted forest, they helped with mundane chores and were sometimes even edible. Homies were generally nice to be around, only turning on Big Mom when Nami’s vivre card forced them to.

7/10 Brulee’s mirror dimension made traveling quick and convenient

Brulee preparing to redirect arrows through his mirror into his mirror dimension

Brulee’s devil fruit allowed him to access a mirror dimension. She could carry others to and from this plane, effectively helping them teleport wherever there was a reasonably large amount of glass. As a result, the Big Mom Pirates were able to sail across the country and quickly defend the locations they needed.

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The mirror dimension was occasionally even used offensively. For example, Brulee had two archers shoot flaming arrows through the bathroom mirrors of the Thousand Sunny, which quickly set the ship ablaze. The only downside to her power is that she didn’t protect her, meaning she could easily be taken hostage.

6/10 Most of Whole Cake Island is edible

the whole island of cake

Whole Cake Island itself was completely fascinating. Its towns and forests were made of edible food, meaning its inhabitants never went hungry. An unnatural wonderland, the inhabitants of Whole Cake Island were limited only by their appetites.

Considering that Big Mom’s most important children were entrusted with specific delicacies like chocolate, cheese, and butter, the nation offered a wide range of foods that ensured its soldiers always ate to their hearts’ content.

5/10 Big Mom pirates work together efficiently

Charlotte mont-d'Or making faces in One Piece

Unlike most of the antagonists, the Big Mom Pirates were smart and liked each other. Growing up as brothers, they learned to employ their Devil Fruits in a way that perfectly complemented each other’s abilities. For example, two Great Enforcers weakened Luffy so that Charlotte Mont-d’Or could capture him within the pages of her Devil Fruit.

Similarly, Perospero elevated Big Mom into a candy slug while Oven fried the attacking fish-men so the villains could continue their search for the Thousand Sunny. Although Big Mom herself might not be smart, she had enough competent children to keep her notoriety.

4/10 Whole Cake Island had a built-in sensory network

Charlotte Praline smiling in One Piece

The shoreline surrounding Whole Cake Island was surrounded by sensory fish. Their presence meant that nothing could enter or leave Big Mom’s territory without being noticed and accounted for. Usually, there was no possible way to disable such an intricate and comprehensive defense system.

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Only Charlotte Praline managed to disable the sentinels through dancing, as she was a fish-man and a former member of the Big Mom Pirates. Without her help, Luffy would never have been able to plot his daring escape from her.

3/10 The Big Mom pirates allied with Kaido

Kaido's Big Mom One Piece

Shortly after being escorted to Onigashima, Big Mom met up with Kaido. Although they briefly fought, they agreed to formally ally with each other, using their collective power to crush the New World. This was such a major event that it alarmed the navy headquarters and struck terror into the hearts of samurai throughout Wano.

As former members of the Rocks Pirates, Kaido and Big Mom were already strong individually. When they came together, they became almost invincible. The only way the heroes defeated them was by splitting them up and fighting the villains individually.

2/10 Big Mom hosted amazing tea parties

Big Mom Hosts a Tea Party in One Piece

Since her youth, Big Mom has romanticized the concept of tea parties. As a feared pirate leader, she has made these revelries even more outrageous to the point of encompassing the whole of Whole Cake Island. She spared little expense and often raided neighboring islands to gather the ingredients she needed for a memorable feast.

After Big Mom attempted to assassinate the Germa 66 family, her team was going to hold a grand feast over their mutilated corpses. While one was in Big Mom’s grace, his celebrations were delicious and enjoyable.

1/10 Big Mom Pirates Didn’t Pay Country “Tax”

live or leave shadow one piece

Big Mom taxed the people of Whole Cake Island much differently than a typical leader. Instead of making them pay money, she collected a fraction of their lives each year through the Soul-Soul no fruit. The essence of her was used to feed the homies of the country and ensure that the territory remained vibrant.

Fortunately, only the subjects of Whole Cake Island were forced to pay taxes. As far as has been described, Big Mom’s own children were exempt from paying. This was a great help, as it meant that they would not die prematurely.

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