10 Holiday Meals You Need To Get Your Hands On At Universal This Season

The world-renowned movie studio and theme park, Universal Studios is a multi-sensory immersion into the world of cinema. Whether it’s adrenaline-pumping activities, themed attractions that plummet into the world of fantasy and fiction, souvenir shops, restaurants, or food stalls, Universal Studios touches all senses of perception, and requires several! days to fully enjoy it!

Furthermore, it can also be enjoyed without breaking the budget of the travelers. Plus, “happy eating” can be a rewarding mantra here, as the place has been abuzz with holiday eats. Here’s a guide to gorging on this delicious treat for the taste buds.

10/10 Festive delights at Mythos restaurant

On a visit to Universal’s Islands Of Adventure, visit the Mythos restaurant located on the Lost Continent. For all you grilled cheese connoisseurs out there, the “Grilled Fork Knife Spoon Sandwich” infused with Tomato Soup and Crispy Pork served with Home Fries deserves a definite try.

Apart from this, the “Medallones de lomo de res” served with mashed potatoes and the “Barley risotto with wild mushrooms” are the most recommended options.

Travelers should satisfy their sweet tooth with the “Chocolate Banana Gooey Pie” topped with peanut butter ice cream, caramel and chocolate hazelnut Crème Brûlée.

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9/10 Themed Treats at Studio Sweets

Whether it’s the heart-stopping Minion Cupcakes or the Mini PB&J Whoopie Pie, a small dessert filled with peanut butter and jelly, these festive treats at Studio Sweets should be a favorite choice with visitors.

The Butterfinger Brownie is also worth a try, with other options like homemade fudge, gourmet cookies, cotton candy, candy apples, and self-serve candies to choose from.

8/10 Festive Treats at Hopping Pot

If you call yourself a wizard and imagine yourself hailing from Hogwarts, Butterbeer should be the spirit. Well, Hopping Pot at Universal Studio serves up the famous shortbread and caramel Butterbeer for around $6.99.

Instead, it will experiment with Potter-themed spirits like Fire Whiskey ($8.99), Dragon’s Scale ($8.99), and Wizard’s Brew ($8.99). British fries ($4), butterbeer ice cream ($5.49), meat pies and Cornish pies are other interesting menu items.

7/10 Traditional delights at Three Broomsticks

Another ideal food tour is “Three Broomsticks at Hogsmeade”, which has been the go-to for Hogwarts lovers.

A rustic tavern, its ambience is detailed with cast-iron chandeliers, weathered wooden beams, and bric-a-brac balconies.

With proper British fare including Great Feast, Fish & Chips, Fresh Veggies and Shepherd’s Pie, their Chocolate Trifle is the perfect dessert.

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6/10 Intriguing Flavors at Cowfish

Famous for sushi, burgers and a bar, Cowfish is a fusion delight. Whether it’s smoothies, beers, or exotic martinis, this place has everything from bento boxes to sushi and burgers.

Fried brussels sprouts, wasabi yuzu vinaigrette, and bonito flakes along with Burgushi, which is an eccentric combination of burger and sushi, are a few other things on the menu that deserve a nod.

5/10 Holiday Creations at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

Whether it’s delicious food, chocolate desserts, gourmet ice cream or artisan milkshakes, Toothsome Chocolate Emporium has a fascinating experience.

The most famous, “Santa’s Cookies & Milkshake,” infused with cookie butter and vanilla ice cream, dusted with chocolate chip cookies, and garnished with a chocolate Christmas tree, is the menu’s highlight.

Apart from this, it also has a variety of alcoholic beverages to brighten your mood. Their Corque Monsieur, Southern Fried Chicken with béchamel sauce and chocolate dipped bacon are some of the other recommended items for the taste buds.

4/10 Grinchy Treats at Seuss Landing

Grinch, the fictional character created by Dr. Seuss is the main theme character in Seuss Landing. So, whether it’s the Grinch-themed treats, or the signature Grinch hot chocolate bomb, Grinch ice cream sandwich, Grinch cookies, and their Grinch Character Breakfast & Holiday Tour, everything in this place is filled with holiday spirit throughout. winter.

Also, the Brisket Philly and their Green Eggs and Ham are the recommended options.

3/10 Winter themed snacks at Tribute Store

The Tribute Store, Universal Orlando’s popular holiday store, has always been decked out, especially around Christmas. Outstanding items on the menu here have been Jurassic World Dig Jar Cakes, Jaws Fishbowl Cake, and Smore Bars.

Other than this, one can try Christmas wreath cake, gingerbread cakes, Santa’s dream cookie, red velvet candy cane lollipops, reindeer brownies, Christmas tree cones and much more. plus.

Plus, with its four themed rooms inspired by Who-Ville, The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, Earl The Squirrel, and vintage New York Christmas decor, there’s a variety of merchandise, too.

Visitors can choose from the Grinchmas Loungefly backpack or Grinchmas popcorn bucket, Hogwarts House-themed Christmas decorations or Earl the squirrel spirit jumper as merchandise items.

2/10 Themed Groceries at Universal Islands Of Adventure

Red Velvet Yule Log is one of the tempting croissants at Croissant Moon Bakery. Apple strudel on a stick dipped in a festively colored glaze is another.

Florean Fortescue’s ice cream parlor serves deliciously bizarre scoops of ice cream, one of which is Chocolate Chili.

There’s also the massive hot dog, the Kong Dog served on a pretzel roll brimming with liquid cheese found at Skull Island, the creamy lime cheesecake at Jurassic Park’s Thunder Falls Terrace, and many other treats not to be missed.

1/10 The real Hogwarts era eats in Leaky Cauldron

Talking about mythical lands, superheroes and magical creatures coming back to reality, “Universal’s Islands of Adventure” begins. Diagon Alley and its Leaky Cauldron may not be real-life castles to top Hogwarts, but the experience is still epic.

Serving classic dishes like Bangers, Mash & Fish with Chips, and Scotch Eggs on its main menu, as well as desserts like Sticky Toffee Pudding and Butterbeer Potted Cream, along with its themed ambiance will take guests into the world of Hogwarts.

Worn tables and chairs, a colossal fireplace with a leaky cracked cauldron, all the elements of Hogwarts in reality, doesn’t that sound lovely?

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