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Traditional French loaf, light & crusty. Made with unbleached, unbromated wheat flour.
Good with soups & salad. Makes great sandwiches. One size, rolls available upon request

An ultra buttery (French) bread, wonderful for sandwiches & French toast. Loaf; rolls available

Traditional Eastern European braided egg bread.
Available in 1 pound or ceremonial sizes. Presentation sizes available

Crusty, porous bread shaped like a slipper, hence its name—Italian for slipper. Perfect for Panini or for splitting & stuffing. Same ingredients as in the Pagnotta, but in different proportions. Free-form loaf; small, medium & large roll available

A uniquely shaped French bread. Great for pulling apart into individual rolls at parties & picnics. One size, rolls available upon request

Made from the same dough as the Pagnotta but in an elongated shape. Perfect for sandwiches & Bruschetta.
Small, medium; roll available

An Italian flat bread with an irregular crumb. All of our Focaccia is made with extra virgin
olive oil & sea salt. Focaccia is available in three thicknesses; the thickest is suitable for splitting & stuffing.
Available in herb, onion & herb, & plain, other flavors available upon request.

Fruited Semolina
Same as above with dried cranberries, dried apricots & fennel seeds added. Batard, Pan Loaf, Pullman; rolls available in small, medium & large

Kalamata Olive w/ Rosemary
Natural sourdough base with the addition of Kalamata olives & Rosemary. Long, Boule; rolls available in small & medium

A hearty & healthy loaf. Ingredients: white, whole wheat & rye flour; pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, rolled oats, water, salt, yeast & natural sour starter.Long, Pan Loaf, Pullman; rolls available in small, medium & large

Traditional rustic Italian round bread, light with an open crumb, dusted with cornmeal.
Ingredients: unbleached, unbromated wheat flour, water, salt, starter (biga).
Small, medium; roll available

Pain au Levain
Naturally leavened sour dough in the French style. Mild & pleasing to the palate. Pullman, Long, Pan Loaf, Boule, Mini-Boule; rolls available in small & medium

Parker House Style Dinner Rolls
A soft dinner roll enriched with egg, butter & milk. Dozen or half-dozen

Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Baguette

French loaf lightly perfumed with roasted garlic & rosemary. One size, rolls available upon request

Distinctive yellow-tinged medium crust loaf. Topped with black & white sesame seeds.
Ingredients: Durum flour (like the better pastas), cornmeal, water, salt, yeast, & starter (biga).Batard, Pan Loaf, Pullman; rolls available in small, medium & large

Sour Dough Twists
Either Parmesan cheese or Sesame & Poppy seeds twisted with sourdough. 

Whole Wheat Honey
Mild, thick-crusted loaf made with whole-wheat flour, white flour, wheat berries &
naturally fermented sourdough. Filone, Batard; rolls available in small & medium

Whole Wheat Walnut Current
Whole-wheat flour with roasted walnuts & currants. Loaf, Pullman; rolls available in small & medium

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